Minna! ESPer Dayo! Bangaihen – ESPer, Miyako e Iku

June 28, 2019

Dear Readers, We at SkewedS-Translations and Hello!Fansubs present you with Minna! Esupa Dayo! Bangaihen – Esupa, Miyako e Iku, in THREE flavors, so you can pick which one to your liking. This is the SP that aired 2 years after the Series. If for whatever reason you haven’t checked out the original series, please go […]


Real Kakurenbo Final (2011.01.07)

April 12, 2014

Dear Readers, We had quite the requests for this film to be done, although I wonder how many of the ones listed are still active on H!O to actually snag this fulfilled request. {For those that are still around and are on the list below, reply. Curious as to who’s still around =P} Requested by: […]


Kare wa Imouto no Koibito

December 25, 2012

Dear Readers, First off, wanting to say… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I’m surprised quite a lot of people want/requested for this. Here’s a shout-out to you all: akosieunice, adode136, arcady, Cotton Cloth, DongHo Kevin, eynjel18, gwbiasaaja, harryxiong90, KayJayHP, Masaoto, nanomeow, polsolde, SayumiMaimiRisako, S-N-I-P-E-R, Solracecca, thaipokecard, tone_depot Description: In this drama, Ishihara plays the role of ‘Miyuki’, a […]