Utaban (2005.09.15) W – Miss Love Tantei

June 17, 2011

Dear Readers, WTF!? It’s W!!! Hehe, been a while since we’ve released an Utaban. We get to appreciate the elderly as we welcome 3 of them that show tremendous talents. Then what is this? Kago on a unicycle!? Can she even do it? Topping it all off with a performance of “Miss Love Tantei” Enjoy! […]


Utaban (2009.06.14) Tsuji Nozomi & Fujimoto Miki

May 4, 2011

Dear Readers, Requested by: erhard Norwen Here’s the last of the Utaban’s that we’ve completed, I hope you’ve enjoyed them ^_^ Married life is great huh? In this episode of Utaban we join Fujimoto and Tsuji as well as other wives that talk about their husbands. There are various topics such as: Cute Points Finance […]


Utaban (2006.06.15) Morning Musume – Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan

April 27, 2011

Dear Readers, Yes, it’s the famous Ai-chan man scream episode! Start off with some baseball references with the announcer. Then she makes fun of Nakai-kun. Off to the game, pick which one is real! A performance of the Song. Followed by good bye messages to graduating members, Konno and Ogawa. Enjoy! Staff: Translators: aichannofan, snoboat […]


Utaban (2001.03.29) Morning Musume – Confession of Nakai to Nakazawa

April 20, 2011

Dear Readers, What do we have here? Utaban! Well, simply a confession from Nakai-kun to Nakazawa. It’s all live and the reactions you get are just hilarious! Enjoy! Staff: Translators: aichannofan, snoboat Timer: SacredCultivator Editor: SacredCultivator Typesetter: SacredCultivator Encoder: SacredCultivator Download it in either Xvid or H264.


Utaban (2003.11.27) Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto – Senpai ~LOVE AGAIN~

March 16, 2011

Dear Readers, Watch as Country Musume milk a cow =P Just guess along with Country Musume as they guess and rank prices on different pets. Then round 2 is about ranking Dogs. Enjoy! Staff: Translator: soranaka Timer: SacredCultivator Editor: SacredCultivator Typesetter: SacredCultivator Encoder: SacredCultivator Download it in either Xvid or H264.


Utaban (2002.09.05) Fujimoto Miki – Romantic Ukare Mode

February 26, 2011

Dear Readers, Happy Birthday to Miki!!! This episode is about how well Taka-san knows about Fujimoto Miki. We also get a surprise spirit that haunts Taka-san. Just grab this to enjoy the wackiness that is Miki. Enjoy! PS: If you’ve missed the PV for this, you can snag the Subbed copy by H!F here: Xvid […]


Utaban (2005.04.28) Morning Musume – Osaka Koi no Uta (Ishikawa Graduation & Yaguchi Retirement Comments)

November 3, 2010

Dear Readers, Requested by: angelwings711, Itsmo, Tsubomi Sorry, Sohee got caught up with life, so no weekly PV Making of. But not to worry, here’s another release to take it’s place. Now this episode is quite a treat, since it’s two special events in one. We start off with the graduation of Ishikawa Rika as […]


Utaban (2001.04.19) Matsuura Aya – Dokki Doki! LOVE Mail

October 5, 2010

Dear Readers, – – – – – Thanks to Mattthecat for the RAW. – – – – – This one is for Mattthecat =P I guess we will just slowly knock down the list of unsubbed Utaban’s even though there are quite a lot more to go. Here’s a short one featuring Ayaya! General bio […]


Utaban (2003.05.08) Melon Kinenbi – Chance of LOVE

October 3, 2010

Dear Readers, Haven’t released an Utaban in a while, so here’s one! This one is for the Melon Kinenbi fans, which I think are close to diminished now right? We get to see Melon Kinenbi pretty much get replaced by other members. Each MK Member is in charge of a different aspect and have challenges […]


Utaban (2001.10.18) Goto Maki & Morning Musume (Previously Unaired Talk)

June 12, 2010

Dear Readers, — Thanks to lajon for the RAW! — Here’s a short Utaban. We have two sections: 1. Goto Maki 2. Morning Musume Both of which are Unaired footage to their previous appearance on Utaban. Goto Maki: We get talk about her previous appearance that involved an iguana and how it freaked out her […]