Hello!Morning (2000.04.16) Idol Legends – Mihara Junko

June 5, 2011

Dear Readers, Description by bhemfire: Hi Everyone! We be kicking it super old school! Here’s another episode which Hello!Fansubs and AIDOL collaborated on! This is indeed something NO ONE!! even staffs at AIDOL would choose to release. Well, we did it though it took longer than expected (. . 😉 Hello!Morning! Idol Legend Mihara Junko, […]


Hello!Morning (2004.03.21) Haromoni Psychological Test

February 21, 2010

Dear Readers, So grateful to find helping hands to work on projects, and this project is all thanks to BambooBranch. I do look forward to continue working with her on future projects. Description: Starts off with a skit of picking friends, one has a helicopter!!! Then we get a promotion of their HELP!! Musical. Afterward, […]


Hello!Morning (2005.05.01) Morning Musume Audition 2005 Special

December 6, 2009

Dear Readers, This fulfills the following people’s Request: ggliff JMol KOHARUFAN MMFAN Phenomenal This is TRULY a phenomenal release in dedication to Kusumi’s graduation. Not only that but released at the start time of Kusumi’s Graduation concert in Japan! (Was Amakza’s idea, so we went with it ^^, just to make this release slightly more […]


Haromoni@ (2008.01.06) New Year’s Special – Young Lady Manner Showdown!

October 12, 2009

Dear Readers, Well we got a little ninja over here working to give not only H!F’s Two-and-a-Half B-day a gift, but to himself as today is his b-day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY kai_guy01!!! Oh and we can’t forget H!P Egg’s Member, Saki Mori, Happy Birthday to her as well. Hmm this is one of those episodes that […]


Hello!Morning (2000.04.09) Idol Legends – Mie

September 23, 2009

Dear Readers, Sorry for the little break we took, hope you didn’t miss us too much, we were in the midst of preparing our 349/350th releases and forgot to do a 348th =) As we promised, we would LIKE to start from the beginning and work our way towards the other episodes. HUGE thanks goes […]


Hello!Morning (2007.02.18) Draw and Strike!! Actress Spirit Performance Check

September 13, 2009

Dear Readers, This release is dedicated in celebration of A-A-AI-CHAN’S Birthday!!! Had a little help from matsudesuyo8 to get a better RAW of this, so thank you. Okay… So you thought we completely dropped H!M’s from our tasklist? You’re wrong, here’s an episode that has been PARTIALLY subbed by mm-bbs. But we, well mainly kai_guy […]


Hello!Morning (2000.04.02) Episode 0 – Preview

June 13, 2009

Dear Readers, HOLY SHI*, didn’t think it’d ever be done huh? Here’s the deal fans… We at H!F originally was born to sub H!M’s correct? Right! So what better way to commit to that plan than to literally start from the beginning? Yes that’s right EPISODE 0! Well then, why start from the beginning? Because […]