Tanaka Reina – Graduation Memorial DVD

May 28, 2013

Dear Readers, Requested by: mcguire92, xepher416 Description by Sohee: This is a week late (the end of the school semester really sucks) but, at least it’s exactly one week later! Congratulations on your graduations, Reina! <3 When I watched this DVD back when it came out, I somehow felt really proud to call myself a […]


Mitsui Aika – Sotsugyo Memorial DVD (2012.05.18)

January 12, 2013

Dear Readers, Happy Birthday to Mitsui~!!! And this is quite the Grad DVD. She gets to play around with her most beloved, DOGS!!! Sorry this one took us some time, stuff happened as usual. But hey the day couldn’t be better, her birthday! So to the few Mitsui fans (as most I’ve heard don’t like […]


Niigaki Risa – Sotsugyo Memorial DVD

May 15, 2012

Dear Readers, Description by ggliff: From elementary school fan to longest tenured member to Momusu leader. From hairy baby to beautiful lady. 10 glorious years of membership and a DVD that takes us through it all. Her feelings for the group before she joined, and the trials and tribulations as she learned. Her favorite moments […]


Takahashi Ai – Sotsugyo Memorial DVD

April 12, 2012

Dear Readers, Requested by: Country Musume FanBoy Happy 5th Birthday to H!F~ Dang, it’s been a long ride and we’re still going. Just wanted to say thank you to all past/present staff that have allowed us to keep going. Sure we aren’t as crazy active as we’ve used to be, no more of those “Ninja […]


Kamei Eri – Graduation Memorial DVD (2010.11.13)

December 15, 2010

Dear Readers, This is great timing still right? I mean, we wanted to have it out yesterday, but didn’t make that deadline. And the other one was for her B-day, but snoboat felt it better to release this now since the Concert Tour is going on now and they graduated. Description by Sohee: Here it […]


JunJun & LinLin – Graduation Memorial DVD (2010.11.13)

November 25, 2010

Dear Readers, Happy Thanksgiving!!! (To those that celebrate it =P) Description by Sohee: Here is the graduation memorial DVD for JunJun and LinLin. It’s a very cute DVD and while it is sad that they’re graduating, I think it’s nice that we get a whole DVD of just these two. They deserved more though if […]


Kusumi Koharu – Graduation Memorial DVD (2009.12.05)

May 29, 2010

Dear Readers, Requested by: isma JMol Spent much longer than we planned on this, but we have finally pulled through with a HUGE HUGE thanks to maddog4649 for taking up this project after some trouble we had with the original translator. As you’ve noticed, for Kusumi’s graduation, we did quite a few dedicated releases, her […]