Operation Reformation!

August 20, 2010

Dear Fans, I would like to take this time to say that we apologize for not having our Weekly Releases as scheduled, but we have taken some time to sort of re-prioritize our projects. So what does that mean? Basically, we’ll be working on numerous smaller projects than larger ones… As we currently have about […]


Few Announcements

July 15, 2010

Dear Readers, I just wanted to announce to everyone, although this happened a few days back. We have reached 3 Million Views. It astonishes me how long and far H!F has come. With that out of the way… Just thought I’d also take this time to mention that H!F has kicked it into high gear, […]


New Official YouTube Channel!

July 5, 2010

Dear Readers, Just recently I asked for a volunteer to help create an Official H!F YouTube account. And Rebear was kind enough to volunteer. So I’d like to take this time to thank her for helping us out and eventually, the new channel will be populated with releases. New Official Channel Please Subscribe and spread […]


Happy 3rd to H!F

April 13, 2010

Dear Fans, I just wanted to create a post to say thank you to all the fans out there. This applies to those that have done any of the following: – Uploaded our works – Helped in attributing to H!F during our time of crisis – Helped in expressing concerns about the matter (PM/Email/Comments) It […]


MewMewLea16 Spreads the Word to Help!

April 9, 2010

Dear Readers, Just wanted to link to a video made by one of our Fans, MewMewLea16. (So I’d like to take the time to say thank you Lea for the Video)



April 6, 2010

Dear Readers, No, this is not to announce that H!F is back or anything. This is simply an update as to where we stand thus far. Our Final Project is nearing completion so we hope to have it done over the weekend if all goes well. BUT, yes there is a BUT! We have had […]


Thought it was Really an April Fool’s Joke?

April 2, 2010

Dear Fans, I apologize for the coincidence of the post made yesterday, as it seems people are thinking it’s an April Fools joke. I assure you it isn’t, and to prove myself, please direct your attention to Tomo-chan’s post. ^Notice the post date. (Yes there is a feeling of a monopoly in her post, but […]


Eventually Things Come to an End =(

April 1, 2010

Hey Readers, Let me start off by quoting from our Guardian 4’s release: “Either case, I only wish this could continue… Going On! =/” And now we begin. . . – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – I got some sad news […]


2 Million Hits

March 12, 2010

Hey Readers, Just checked our stats as I was messing around with a few things… And noticed… Wow as of this post we have reached 2,000,200 views. So what is there to say? Arigatou gozaimasu!


Over 1,000,000 Hits!

December 10, 2009

Dear Readers, Was bored and just looking at stats and came to realize… We finally hit over a million hits! 1,018,266 to be exact as of this posting. So what does that mean? Not much really… Just a big number and many other bloggers post updates when they hit a certain number, so I thought […]