Minna! ESPer Dayo! Yokubou Darake no Love Wars

April 12, 2019

Dear Readers,

We at SkewedS Translations and Hello!Fansubs present you with the Web Series of of Minna! ESPer Dayo – Yokubou Darake no Love Wars!

This is in celebration of our 12th Anniversary!!! Holy it’s been a long path and H!F is still semi-going? What is this wizardry?!

Anyway, this was made possible to my sempai, zeldAIS. So many many thanks to him for pulling through with this one. For last year, the SP of this was meant to be completed, but wasn’t doneā€¦ so this year, I bugged him to get something of this completed and he chose this one =)

You can find more info on this show via Here

Three were stylistic things done by the Translator, and I wanted to respect his choices, so if you see things differently from what you’d expect, that’s probably the reason.

Thank you all for your continuous support!


Translator: Ais
Timer: SacredCultivator
Typesetters: zeldAIS, SacredCultivator
QC: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator
Special Thanks: Draiken, AozoraSubs

Download it Here.

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