Sayashi Riho – RIHO

April 12, 2016

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Dear Readers,

Requested by: Riho_bravo

Man, H!F is what… 9 years old now? Holy this baby has become old. But yes, I’m just super happy that we were able to keep this group alive. Nothing too grand but just per usual, got to show my thanks and appreciation for all the fans that have stuck with us, as well as supported us throughout all these years. Along with the staff that have made this group possible to be what is today!

So happy birthday to us and thank you and looking forward to keeping this group alive for as long as possible!

Just got to give a warm welcome to the one that made this project possible and volunteered to help out, rrroenix. Couldn’t have initiated our 9th Anniversary without her.

And with her grand entrance, she’ll provide you with the Release Description.

Release Description:
Remember tiny RihoRiho, whose catchphrase was shuwa-shuwa pon?

Here is Riho’s second solo DVD, where she starts her day and go to school.

Oh, and a bit interview in the end, where she talks about her current obsession, her relationship with her gen-mates and 10th-gen, and an episode involving Maa-chan.

Ever wonder when Riho started drinking soda? Well, try not to be too surprised she talks about that.


-Still looking for staffers (Translators / Karaoke Typesetters), so if interested let me know!
-And also, gotta love them 60FPS encodes~

Translator: rrroenix
Spot Translator: Chibusasa
Timer: SacredCultivator
Editor: SacredCultivator
Typesetter: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator

Download it Here.

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