120208 AKBINGO! – Ep. 173

December 27, 2014

Dear Readers,

An episode of Shoujiki Shougi! That’s right!

We saw the survey Half-san conducted and realised the amount of requests for it, so here it is!

Watch as Sasshi addresses Shiichan’s issue with HKT (which in hindsight, is interesting), Sasshi’s real intention of befriending Acchan, Shiichan’s complex, and other facts that are always fun to learn in segments like this.

Plus, Sasshi sounds like she has a cold and her voice is so cute!

You can also grab the softsubs for this episode over at myAidol
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Translator: panTsu
Timer: Aoi
Typeset: Mayuyu
QC’s: SacredCultivator, Mayuyu

Download it Here.

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