130827 AKBINGO! – Ep. 253

November 30, 2014

Dear Readers, This weeks AKBINGO! is HKT vs. AKB again in your favourite game: Muchaburi Dodgeball. Featuring the cutest linesman in the history of Muchaburi Dodgeball! And if you are wondering where to watch the rest of other subbed AKBingo! episodes, Half-san has made a nifty Subbed AKBingo Masterlist on tumblr. (Disclaimer: Half-san has no […]


141028 AKBINGO! – Ep. 312

November 22, 2014

Dear Readers, Another AKB48 & HKT48 showdown! This episode is a continuation of last week’s AKVegas with new players and new games to place your bets. How will the teams fare this time and which group will clinch the victory? Play along and place your bets as well in this another enjoyable episode. BET please~ […]


141021 AKBINGO! – Ep. 311

November 16, 2014

Dear Readers, It’s time for some AKVegas! Can you believe that the last AKVegas was aired 4 years ago? But now we’re back with Manager Sata and Dealer Minegishi for some bets! And in this episode it’s a battle between AKB48 & HKT48. Enjoy the show and look out for next week’s release for Part […]


110831 AKBINGO! – Ep. 150

November 9, 2014

Dear Readers, It’s another episode filled with cute girls, who have a pretty impressive fashion sense… well… most likely not! Well let’s just go with what Kasai said. Have fun with your weekly AKBINGO! Staff: Translator: EraMemory Timer: Brad, Aoi Typeset: Mayuyu QC: SacredCultivator, Mayuyu Download it Here.


110921 AKBINGO! – Ep. 153

November 1, 2014

Dear Readers, It’s another episode of AKB Profiling! Lots of interesting trivia about members pops up and little hints and guesses makes our idol detectives keep guessing. Who will be the suspect this time? Let’s watch and find out! Staff: Translator: Mayuyuihan Timer: Qwink Typeset: Mayuyu QC: SacredCultivator, Qwink Download it Here.