140211 AKBINGO! – Ep. 276

September 11, 2014

[Aidol+H!F] 140211 AKBINGO! - Ep. 276.mp4_thumbs_[2014.09.11_05.51.58]

Dear Readers,
We’re back with more AKBINGO!!! And it is the much awaited Moe phrase Battle!!

In this episode, the representatives from each of the 48 Groups, will have to undergo several challenges to impress the guests, who will be deciding which group turns out to be the best in their Moe dialogues! This episode is sure to make your heart start pounding!!

And finally! Which 48 Group will turn out to be the champions of Moe!?

Translator: OdekoCwush, KudoShinichi
Timer: Ale, Keicchi
Typeset: Mayuyu
QC: SacredCultivator, Mayuyu

Download it Here.

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