Yajima Maimi – Blue Wind

May 21, 2014

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This DVD was actually enjoyable to watch, and it’s not only because there’s a dog in it. Although that’s a huge bonus to it. Yups I love dogs (depending on which breed)

Curious at the start as to what she said to the waiter, sorta don’t like where they show them talking but just have background music.

Yellow bikini might be suffocating her, enough said. But I guess as I mentioned in the Pure Eyes description, it’s like woah she became flat… Well in this we find out, she acknowledges that and wants to work on her curves.

Sadly the scene right after that suffers from the same thing as my above point, you hear the sounds, but sorta one of those where it’s like… Okay this is where having background music would work better.


You can find the Making of for Pure Eyes Here.

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