Real Kakurenbo Final (2011.01.07)

April 12, 2014

[H!F] Real Kakurenbo Final (2011.01.07) (H264).mp4_thumbs_[2014.03.15_08.57.52]

Dear Readers,

We had quite the requests for this film to be done, although I wonder how many of the ones listed are still active on H!O to actually snag this fulfilled request. {For those that are still around and are on the list below, reply. Curious as to who’s still around =P}

Requested by:
BX_LeMans, GordieHowe, HelloRaffi, kikilalaz, KurisuDe, LiamMusume, m(Vo_oV)m, Sielunrauha

And to add to that, yes this isn’t as grand as some of our past larger scale projects, but nonetheless, this is our Feature Release of our 7th Anniversary!

We have a few other things to release alongside this, but definitely nothing as grand as some of our past anniversary celebrations.

Dang, H!F has been around for 7 years… and I’ve been fansubbing for 9? I’m such a senpai >< I wonder how many fans there are that are still around since our debut~ So just gonna make this short and say, I thank everyone that has been part/ is still with us at H!F as well as to all our supporters for supporting us throughout our existence, and holy crap... We still doing weekly releases? Almost 2 years worth come near the end of May. Description: Hmm it's a horror film, so don't expect too much out of this. I mean it, so if/when you're disappointed, expect it. Anyway, the build up leads to quite a disappointment, so I won't go into too much details about the movie itself except to just highlight a few things: - Mitsui's acting isn't great, but at least I do like her boldness {she ain't afraid of no ghost} - Main girl {Sanae} must be stressing because you can see her breakouts. - Black-lady, although not actually scary in the film {her actions}, she is actually quite terrifying due to the makeup. - There is a scene near the end that was just sooo weak in its execution {I wonder if you'll be able to spot it. Clue: It involves a knife} Enjoy! PS: The thing I like about these horror/suspense films... Not much dialog/lines to work with. So I was able to knock this one out fairly quickly. Oh and also the dialog tends to be simple, so I had fun trying to figure out the translations. And holy crap, did I hate typesetting the opening, that was sooo painful. As I'm not a great effects ts'er so I just had to learn a basic way to try to manipulate the effect, so I hope it came out okay. It's not perfect, but at least it beats just a static text while the movie effect is happening. PPS: Because so much time has passed since our birth, we've had numerous staff come and go... And with some that go MIA and lost contact with them, so currently we actually are looking for multiple spots to fill now: Translators Timers Karaoke Timers Karaoke Typesetters So if you think you can assist us in any / some of these departments please do contact me. As we still got tons of projects that are just sitting there primarily needing translations. Staff: Translators: Chibusasa, SacredCultivator Screentext Translator: Sohee Timer: SacredCultivator Editor: SacredCultivator Typesetter: SacredCultivator Encoder: SacredCultivator Download it Here.

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