Suzuki Airi – Kyomei (Making of)

April 25, 2014

Dear Readers, Requested by: Sielunrauha Here’s Suzuki Airi’s 12th PB Making of! There’s a large variety of outfits that she goes through in this. And don’t know if it’s only me but… These one-piece swimsuits, ehhh just not liking them. The outfit where she’s, I assume, drinking tea? is lovely. Another highlight outfit is just […]


130402 AKBINGO! – Ep. 232

April 19, 2014

Yaho~ Okay I admit – this time… it’s totally not so weekly AKBINGO!… but it’s AKBINGO!… so now run around in circles and be happy, I finally managed to release it! Contents you ask? You know this show already, it has cute girls (and Shimada), nice girls (and Paruru) and other cool stuff. Grab it […]


Yajima Maimi – Pure Eyes (Making of)

April 18, 2014

Dear Readers, Requested by: Sielunrauha Here’s Yajima Maimi’s 8th PB Making of! No lie, at first I was like woah wait did she become flat again? (Sorry cause them Alo-Hello! pics were like bam) Then as you continue on then it’s like oh they’re back, so just tighter fitting bikini top. Can’t deny she got […]


Utaban (2004.07.29) Morning Musume – Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (Tsuji & Kago Graduation)

April 12, 2014

Dear Readers, Well this was actually a great pick from Chibusasa. Given that we’re celebrating our 7th Anniversary, why not also pick a fitting Utaban episode of W’s graduation. Description by Chibusasa: Yet another oldie but goodie. This Utaban is (as given in the description) the final appearance of Tsuji and Kago as Morning Musume […]


Nakajima Saki – N20 (Making DVD Special Edition)

April 12, 2014

Dear Readers, Requested by: Sielunrauha Holy wows! Here’s the extended version of this spectacular DVD. Definitely get some more dialog and just how she sorta learns to float, cause she nearly drowns. And the method they tell her to use is quite amusing, I would have never thought of that. (Then again, I don’t know […]


Real Kakurenbo Final (2011.01.07)

April 12, 2014

Dear Readers, We had quite the requests for this film to be done, although I wonder how many of the ones listed are still active on H!O to actually snag this fulfilled request. {For those that are still around and are on the list below, reply. Curious as to who’s still around =P} Requested by: […]


Sayashi Riho – Riho’s Fashion Archive

April 2, 2014

Dear Readers, Requested by: Sielunrauha Basically a compilation of different styles/fashions of Riho. Then you get the Making of for her other PB, Taiyou. Enjoy! PS: You can find the Making of Taiyou Here. Staff: Translator: Chibusasa Timer: SacredCultivator Editor: SacredCultivator Typesetter: SacredCultivator Encoder: SacredCultivator Download it Here.