140204 AKBINGO! – Ep. 275

February 22, 2014

[Aidol+H!F] 140204 AKBINGO! - Ep. 275.mp4_thumbs_[2014.02.19_16.49.28]


So, here is your weekly AKBINGO!

A Shoujiki Shougi episode! This time the match features Haachan vs Mikichan and the second half features HKT48′s Murashige vs Boss! And why is Murashige screaming?

You gotta watch to find out. It’s an episode you wouldn’t want to miss.

And as always – another AKBINGO! episode for you next week~.

Until then~, enjoy!

Translator: Half, KudoShinichi
Timer: Half
Typeset: alfredcästle
QC: SacredCultivator, Mayuyu

Download it Here.

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