Nakajima Saki – Bloom

December 18, 2013

[H!F] Nakajima Saki - Bloom (H264).mp4_thumbs_[2013.11.18_21.31.40]

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My favorite C-ute member and look! She’s wearing basically the same color, aqua blue, as Mano Erina in her Making of.

And I think it’s a bit awkward for the part where she’s on the stepping stones in red bikini and just yells out “Oi~”. I was like, ehhh no~

Also I may be in the minority when I say this, but when it comes to Nakajima, I think I prefer seeing her in outfits that aren’t bikini’s? Is that weird? I’m not saying she doens’t have a great body, but to me, just seeing her in non-swimwear seems to fit her more.

Additional note from Chibusasa:
Saki looks weird with her hair up like that.


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