Nakanishi Kana – sweet kana

December 11, 2013

[H!F] Nakanishi Kana - sweet kana (H264).mp4_thumbs_[2013.11.19_07.26.00]

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Don’t know too much about S/mileage but I can tell you one thing…

This project took me longer to do than needed.

The credits (colors) took me longer to do than the actual timing by a lot.

At first I thought there wasn’t much talking from how some shots had like literally 1 line of dialog until the end where they show the making of stuff.

Additional note from Chibusasa:
Also question: Who is Nakanishi? I have no idea who she is or anything except she’s in S/mileage? Oh and she’s from Osaka apparently.


Translator: Chibusasa
Timer: SacredCultivator
Editor: SacredCultivator
Typesetter: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator

Download it Here.

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