130313 AKBINGO!

December 8, 2013

[Aidol+H!F] 130313 AKBINGO!.mp4_thumbs_[2013.12.08_17.48.40]


After two weeks blank we bring you AKBIIINGO! YET AGAIN!

Sorry for the absent as I was having my exams and most of our translators are out of the country celebrating so the flow won’t be as steady these few weeks too!

BUT! We will do our best to bring you quality AKBINGO subs!

Now without futher ado!

This week AKBINGO! is about word guessing game. Loser? Freeze gun for you!


Translator: Biondi
Timer: KiyokoChan
Typeset: alfredcastle
QC: SacredCultivator, Mike

Download it Here.

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