Morning Musume – SONGS (MM Concert Tour ’09 Haru ~Platinum 9 Disco~)

December 27, 2013

Dear Readers, Sorry for our late weekly release! We’ve just sorta been busy with things to have properly prepared anything for this year’s holiday season. This project started… April 07, 2010, dang, 2010??? That was like centuries ago!!! Anyway, an awesome performance, and I like the opening spotlighting on the members. Hehe for the 3rd […]


Nakajima Saki – Bloom

December 18, 2013

Dear Readers, Requested by: Sielunrauha Release Description: My favorite C-ute member and look! She’s wearing basically the same color, aqua blue, as Mano Erina in her Making of. And I think it’s a bit awkward for the part where she’s on the stepping stones in red bikini and just yells out “Oi~”. I was like, […]


Nakanishi Kana – sweet kana

December 11, 2013

Dear Readers, Requested by: Sielunrauha Release Description: Don’t know too much about S/mileage but I can tell you one thing… This project took me longer to do than needed. The credits (colors) took me longer to do than the actual timing by a lot. At first I thought there wasn’t much talking from how some […]


130313 AKBINGO!

December 8, 2013

HELLO EVERYONE! After two weeks blank we bring you AKBIIINGO! YET AGAIN! Sorry for the absent as I was having my exams and most of our translators are out of the country celebrating so the flow won’t be as steady these few weeks too! BUT! We will do our best to bring you quality AKBINGO […]


DIY – ForeFore ~Forest for Rest~ (Batch)

December 5, 2013

Dear Readers, Here’s one of my favorite Satoyama Shuffles – DIY! I love their dancy tune and the whole setup and I am glad that we can bring this to you! As requested by Spike, we’ve edited our scripts to fit the two new versions included in this Batch. Dance Shot Ver. and Club Ver. […]


C-ute – UP to boy Vol.216 C-ute Special Making DVD

December 4, 2013

Dear Readers, Requested by: Sielunrauha Release Description: What can I say, you get to see each member in their solo shots. Then some duo shots. And then scattered around are group shots. I’ll tell you one thing, during the duo shots, for some reason to me at least, the pairing felt awkward in regards to […]