100929 AKBINGO!

September 8, 2013

Hello Everyone!

It’s the weekend again and yet again we bring you another episode of AKBINGO!

How long has it been since we are able to release one episode weekly I wonder. It’s all thanks to all these wonder members who worked hard despite their work/school life schedule and their love of IDOLs.

I this episode of AKBINGO is 2 games. Tug of war and a running course. If you all remember the famous episode where the AD made Watanabe cry ( basketball event ) Yep it’s this one! Watch and find out what happens! Also! What is tug of war without some mic performance! I love it especially when Sasshi is involved!

Before I go let me introduce our new timer, Tower! He has been one of the golden ticket member but now he has officially join us as a member who will be helping to provide subs for everyone! (^.^)/~


Translators: Tsunamu, KudoShinichi
Timers: Ale, Tower
Typesetter: alfredcastle
QCs: SacredCultivator, mahousentai

Download it Here.

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