Mano Erina – Seishun no Serenade (BR)

September 4, 2013

Dear Readers,

Here’s Mano Erina’s 9th Single PV!

Description by Sohee:
Finally this is out there! (laugh) I’ve been excited for this single since November 2011 and I’ve loved it ever since. That was from way before it was announced as some of you might remember (or maybe not). I surely do though, because I got the happy opportunity to work as a staff for this PV, so for me this is a quite special song and PV in general. ^_^

Aside from Manoeri being adorable and the song being really catchy, I have to say that this PV took a lot of work to do! My respect to Manoeri who was at the place from 7am in the morning until 10pm. That she managed to dance in those shoes at that slippery floor was quite amazing too!

This PV was a lot of fun to make and seeing Manoeri dance so many times and get so sweaty, but still do it over and over with a big smile on her lips really made me realize how admirable idols are. <3

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this PV and the song as much as I do, and if you like it please help Manoeri and purchase it!


Translator: Sohee
Timer: raven412
Typesetter: Tomo-chan
Encoder: SacredCultivator
QC: SacredCultivator

Download it Here.

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