Fukumura Mizuki – MIZUKI in Guam

June 5, 2013

Dear Readers,

Description by _rpb:
Here it is, our lovely princess’s first general release solo DVD “Mizuki in Guam”.

By the way, I think some congratulations are in order for one of our newly appointed Sub-leaders! Good luck Fukuhime!

Please continue to support Sayu and this group you love so much as well as taking the experience to grow into an even greater Idol and performer!

As for the DVD itself and some personal highlights:
– There’s something like a a mini-skit here and there (o hai Ayumi, looking forward to your DVD too :> ) but overall it’s nothing too different from the usual formula. However, Fukuhime made all the difference as far as I’m concerned. She’s drop dead gorgeous.
– She can’t seem to stop thinking about Sayu during her own photoshoot… ahhhh there’s no hope for me, how can I NOT love this girl xD ?
– Saying she wants to live with Ayumi together there forever… AyuMizuki still lovey-dovey I see, poor Eripon ^^;
– There’s quite a bit of swimsuit scene in this DVD. It’s no better or worse than typical H!P productions (which is imo very tame and pretty tasteful, usually.) but the attention some of her more considerable natural gifts relative to other H!P girls are getting her from some of the less tactful fans and considering her age some might take issue with it. Personally I have no problem looking past it and still find this DVD pretty tasteful, she’s just that beautiful and charming to me.
– I kinda like her in a long high ponytail. Perhaps for some future pv please, H!P/UF?

That’s about it from me.
All hail Mizukingdom !! m( ̄Д ̄)m


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Download it Here.

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