Tanaka Reina – Graduation Memorial DVD

May 28, 2013

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Description by Sohee:
This is a week late (the end of the school semester really sucks) but, at least it’s exactly one week later!

Congratulations on your graduations, Reina! <3

When I watched this DVD back when it came out, I somehow felt really proud to call myself a fan of this girl. And now that I watched it again as I subbed it, those feelings just got stronger.

Reina was always one of the more “raw” personalities in Morning Musume and in this DVD she really shows that raw, honest side of herself. Of course she’s still an idol, but she’s being almost “brutally honesty” in this DVD as she speaks about herself lying in order to take part of the auditions in 2001, we get to hear her voice her opinions on what pisses her off and what doesn’t, along with what she really think about her fans and herself as an performer.

We also get to see Reina in a game center where she shows us a side of her that we seldom get to see. Everyone knows how carefree Reina is, but actually seeing her in this way on a DVD is something that I’m pretty sure we haven’t gotten too much of. She shows her dancing skills during certain games, and we get a good taste of what it would be like if Reina would get pissed and insult you or I. In the end though, despite that strong facade, she shows the girly side in her as she takes forever to decide what to eat, and while that is cute and all — the yankee can’t help but shine through even then.

Of course there are also the messages from the other members in Morning Musume and while those are as touching as ever, they definitely have a different feel to them in this DVD than I’d say they had in any of the other graduation DVDs. Reina being on the receiving end is surely the biggest reason for this.

In all, if you have the slightest interest in Reina, I definitely recommend watching this as it surely will only make you like her even more. Having seen the footage from the graduation and all by now, I’m happy that she got things her way in the long run. This DVD was shot back in January so back then it was still in the far future, but now, almost 5 months later, it’s nice to see that she managed to graduate the way she said she wanted to.

I’m looking forward to whatever Lovendor will do and again, congrats on graduating Reina! I would normally be a lot sadder than I am, but the fact that we’ll still get to see and hear her sing is all that matters and as that is what we’ll see, I see no reason to be sad.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


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