Buono! – PV Batch (BR)

April 11, 2013

Dear Readers,

Here’s our batch of Buono! PV’s BLURAY!!!

Yeah I know we mentioned about this a long time ago, but hey~ we be busy and thus, took a long while to get these all completed and batched up. Didn’t help that like the 2? or so weeks before our Anniversary some bad news came up which didn’t help us at all but huge thanks to Tomo-chan for sticking through it all and getting these all completed for such a special occasion.

This batch includes the following PV’s:
Honto no Jibun (Completely redone, we didn’t have the scripts (So Tomo-chan and I did them) {So this till Rottara Rottara are re-done with new effects}
Renai Rider
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! (Holy crap, this was the last one completed of the batch and just look at the Kiss / Love lines, special effect for those)
Gachinko de Ikou! (Oh got to love the different shapes used and I must say, I really love the colors used in this)
Rottara Rottara {Remember this and the above have been re-mastered as we didn’t have scripts}
co.no.mi.chi (Star power!)
MY BOY (Oh man after listening to this during QC, got to love how the background music just sounds all garbled up and what not. But hey that only makes for more chaotic effects)
Take it Easy! (HOLY Puke-a-rific at the beach scene where Miyabi writes “Buono!” in the sand… That is some disgusting noise)
Bravo Bravo (Dark or light… I think I like dark =P)
Our Songs (Got to love the easy effect set-up the PV threw at us. Background neon-y boxes~)
Zassou No Uta (Despite the dark-themed outfits, the alternative colored outfit colors is a good contrast, especially for the karaoke)
Natsu Dakara! (Sooo soothing and a change in regard to how our karaoke (placement) usually is)
Hatsukoi Cider (Oh man let’s see if you guys and girls can guess where the Grey Background effect comes from. But fantastic effects / suitable for the song!)
DEEP MIND (Just LOVE this song! The Echo effect ah, just superb!!!)

Anyway, this is quite the batch, since we’ve tried to keep up with all of Buono!’s PV’s and since we planned on doing that, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to re-do the first 5 to really complete the batch. Sorry, JUICY HE@RT couldn’t make it into the list, just got too swamped with things. So that may have to be released on its own whenever it gets completed. Plus no Bluray version of it.

At the end of the day a huge thanks to all those that took part in this project, but sadly due to other issues, Tomo-chan had to solo these all =( So huge huge applaud goes to her. As well as raven412 for his generous help in timing most of these suckers!


I hope you all enjoyed our 6th Anniversary, as I know the staff and myself burned ourselves out to deliver these.

And with this burden lifted from our shoulders, we an now relax a bit and continue to bring you Weekly Releases. This week is Week 49, wow, we’ve definitely been keeping busy to bring you these Weekly Releases, I wonder how much longer we can keep it up!

Again we’d like to thank; you (the fans) for your continuous support in your Likes / Comments / Donations, as well as our awesome Staff who have stuck with me throughout this time to be able to produce these subs for you all!

Translators: Amakza, C’est la Vie, keshigomu, Projecthello.com, Ready2, sferris, Sohee
Timers: SacredCultivator, raven412, ZetaCron
Typesetter: Tomo-chan
Encoder: SacredCultivator
QC: SacredCultivator, Tomo-chan

Download it Here.

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