120711 AKBINGO!

August 18, 2012

Hey there AIDOL friends, epicfaye here again bringing you an all-new episode of AKBINGO!

This episode’s another “Nominated Answer! The Answer is Obvious!!” episode featuring everyone’s favorite (except me) little girl, Takahashi Minami.

To everyone guessing why I never placed a Haruna pic for this one, well, I have to be fair with the Yukirin oshis here and that look is just priceless.

Anyways, for you HKT fans, there’s a special sneak peek inside.

I won’t spoil it but I hope it brings everyone’s spirits up despite another scandal and some more ousters.

Anyways, enjoy this week’s release everyone!

Translator: Bo-chan
Timer: xevikira
Typesetter: alfredcastle
QC: SacredCultivator, Mike

Download it Here.

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