May 30, 2012

Dear Fans,

Although this has been brought up numerous times, thought to just do so again.

If you’ve been following our releases for however long, we thank you very much in supporting us and our efforts.

But as with anything in life, you have your ups and downs and H!F has definitely had its fair share of those.

So this is just a message in hopes to be able to find ourselves some new recruits to help us in being able to release more subbed content to the fanbase.

As usual, we are currently seeking for both Translators (That can work with Aegisub) as well as Karaoke Typesetters.
Translators: We pretty much provide you with blank timings and you can just select each pre-timed line and input the translation accordingly
Karaoke Typesetters: We provide you with the Karaoke Timings and you just need to input the tag/codes for creating the effects

Not much else to say but if you think you can help us in either position, please, just comment here.
Other forms of Contacting about recruitment:

Facebook Page

Well here’s to hoping we are able to find new staff and to being able to complete the crazy amount of projects that we have sitting there (timed) that just need either Translators / Effects to be completed.

Thank you for your time.

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