C-ute – PV Batch (BR)

January 31, 2012

Dear Readers,

So as I’ve announced before, we’re re-doing some of the PV’s we’ve done in the past but now in glorious Bluray quality!

This is how we’re doing it. Yes we’ve done a LOT of PV’s in our lifetime, BUT we don’t have the scripts to I’d say a good maybe even more than 50% of them. We’re only able to produce re-works on the ones we still have scripts to so in case you go off on, “Hey, where’s this and this PV?”, If it’s not in the batch, it means we didn’t have the script for it.

I already know that the work that both myself and Tomo-chan have put into these will probably not be worth the pay off for obvious reasons. But I made a promise and I’m sticking to it!

Wanted to just give a shoutout to HPFansubs as our new Karaoke TS’er and he’s done a great job in dealing with our crazy TS’ing screening, and in the end he stuck it through and completed his first project which you’ll find in this batch, Kiss me Aishiteru.

So without having to type up too much, we present you with C-ute’s Batch, included are:
Edo no Temari Uta II
Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~
Aitai Lonely Christmas
Kiss me Aishiteru (Secret gem hahaha, since it’s new new)


Sorta sucks that even at Bluray, the quality isn’t as good as it could have been =/

Slowly we’ll try to get out the other Soloist/Groups (Mano Erina, Berryz Koubou, Morning Musume) batches whenever we can since the process to re-do these in Bluray is freaking tedious, but we at H!F strive to provide you optimum quality in what we can do, even if the effort isn’t worth the payout. ^_^

In case you’re wondering, since these are Re-do (so to speak), they’ll only be available via H264 codec, and just a note but for future PV Releases, Instrumentals will be excluded, BUT will still be made available in both H264/Xvid formats.

Download it Here.

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  1. thbaks you for your effort….

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