Berryz Koubou First Concert in the USA (FC DVD 2011.08.27)

October 20, 2011

Dear Readers,

Holy crap! It’s finally here!!!

Sorry for the extremely long delay on this… snoboat had stuff come up that couldn’t be helped so we had to switch Translators, so big thank you to Chibusasa for coming through.

What timing too right? As of this release it’s been exactly 6 Months since the event took place!!!

Well, grab if you like, sorry, with stuff that’s been going on on my end, just not too happy to really go much into detail and whatnot, so here you have it.

Those who were psyched about the MM America’s Landing DVD, this one does a pretty okay job in comparison, although doesn’t beat out MM’s simply because it is too straight forward and doesn’t show too much of the fans like MM’s did.

(If you rather read more about the DVD itself, just scroll down past the – – – – – -, as anything above that is dedication stuff)

I’m not going to list out each individual that I met during the event like before (Sorry, I know it makes you feel more special), but basically this release is dedicated to ALL those that I’ve had the excellent pleasure of meeting + getting to know better. You all definitely know who you are, if I met you, you’re one of them.

Though I do have to point out a few people (No particular order):
Aaron: Huge thanks to you for asking me to join ya, as I know without you, I 100% wouldn’t have gone.
Jenn/Bryan: Come on, Hello!Party 2 (not only that, come on you had one heck of an awesome Wedding and I just feel honored for being able to attend it)
Tomasz: For giving me your Sunday signing ticket, huge thank you!
Alfred: You had extra Booklet, I got from you, and got it autographed. (More or less you were just hilarious to be around, you creeper (pictures))
Daigong: Always thought we had that grudge with JPHIP, but glad that all changed.
Takeo: Was arge at you from MM in LA (You remember!) but this more than made up for that event =) Tuxedo Kamen!!!!
Luna: Being my awesome “UGLY” lil sis and semi-showing us around the area with Maggie.
Hugh: You’ve got to be added here, supplied me with the DVD to make this release possible!

So thanks to the above, and again, everyone else that I was able to meet as well as hang out with. Without you all, my experience there wouldn’t have been as ENJOYable!
(Priceless moment is still Takeo’s confession, right? (Only a selected few know what that refers to =P))

– – – – – – – –

Release Description (by Aka Reiko!):
It’s that time again! H!P saw fit to send another act to America, and now, Hello!Fansubs proudly presents the subtitled version of the DVD from that event.

On April 19th, Seattle and Sakura-con learned what it meant to host an idol when they brought Berryz Koubou. While this DVD does not cover everything that happened over Easter weekend of 2011, it does do a good job painting a picture, even of some things the fans themselves did not know about.

The DVD has footage from a press event on the first day of Convention, most of us had no idea Berryz did this, but it makes sense that they did. It then has footage of the girls all signing the big banner that was given out as a raffle prize to one lucky person and doing the staff signing, these were all things that we fans had no access to. It also has footage of the girls walking around Seattle that we were already shown in a Hello! Pro Hour.

Unlike the Morning Musume in America DVD, this DVD follows a different format, the concert is kept as one big block instead of being interspersed amongst backstage footage. The DVD involves some very good footage of the Q&A, while it doesn’t involve some things that I personally wish it did (such as Captain doing a little hip-hop dance and then her and Chinami beatboxing), it does involve things that everyone should enjoy. (Writers note: Pay close attention to the blinking contest between Momoko and a fan, try telling me that she isn’t so adorable the whole time.) After that we have some footage of the first signing.

The concert is nearly complete, they kept the MCs in tact, including Chinami’s surprise for us, they showed Berryz telling us what to yell out, they showed nearly everything, all that was cut was the first song. Though that is unfortunate, I know there were mic issues and I think they weren’t able to get a good recording, as during that whole song Risako’s mic was cutting out.

Then we have some footage from the second signing, this footage is more personal, we are shown a little Momoko fan presenting Momoko with a sign and get to see that signing, as well as seeing iceymoon and her husband running down the aisle holding up their new prized autograph, and a brief interview, it was really nice to see them interviewing actual fans for this one.

After that there is some footage from the raffle drawing at which Captain was mere feets in front of us as she picked the names for the drawing, they didn’t include much of Captain interacting with the fans, but they did include a nice panning shot of the crowd gathered there for Berryz. (Which you can see via Picture, SC’s (hand)heart is up)

Finally we are given some off-shot type footage which involves the girls just having fun. Personally, I feel this DVD is put together very very well and I like the flow of it.

I’ve tried to keep this description objective, but I have to say, I wish they included our “riot”. Sakura-con had no idea what they were in for. An amazing DVD detailing an amazing weekend.


– OooO~ had to mention, gotta love Chibusasa, wonder if you guys can spot the area where her Aussie side gets the best out of her. I just had to leave it as is =P
– For the English portions, if we got what you said wrong, sorry, just hard to figure it out from either excitement, ambient sounds.

For those that might’ve missed out on some of the excitement that took place here’s the “Berryz Riot” that took place after the Concert:
^Thanks to Lehi for the upload

If you’ve missed out on the Morning Musume DVD when they came to Anime Expo ’09, you can grab it here:
Xvid or H264.

If there’s anyone interested in helping us in the Translation or Karaoke Typesetting departments, please drop us a line.

Thank you.

Translator: Chibusasa
Timer: SacredCultivator
Editor: SacredCultivator
Typesetter: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator

Download it in either Xvid or H264.

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  1. Hi guys, first, I just want to say Hi!!! to all the people who works in Hello!Fansubs, for their incredibly work subbing H!P-related stuff, second, it´s been a while when you realized this work in XvID and, I´d like to ask you if you can reupload it again please, I like H264 but my videogame console just read XvID format and I´d like to watch it in my tv system; and third, I like to ask you if you can help me how to sub, because I´m interested in subbig H!P thing into spanish and, if i can work with you subbing stuff into spanish after you sub things into english.
    Without other thing, I just have to say keep working like you have been workin until today.

    Gus Manson Arizmendi.

  2. Hello Gus,

    Sorry, I generally don’t keep our releases after releasing, this is definitely true for XviD stuff since it’s a very outdated codec and by staff / fan vote, we decided to discontinue using XviD encodes.

    So I’m sorry I can’t help you there, and not too sure how lucky you may get to find people to seed the XviD encode/ a direct download.

    FOr subbing, there’s quite a LOT of work that goes into it and therefore I don’t quite know how to help you there. As the main program used is Aegisub and it’s pretty much used for pretty much all stages of subbing (Translations, timing, typesetting). And in the past we have had other regions reaching out to us to do subs in other languages and I say go for it in using our translations with due crediting BUT we’ll never actually provide the .ass file (Unless you’re part of H!F and actually worked on projects) as much as I want to promote H!P to other regions, I still feel just handing them the script takes off too much work as the other group would just need to change translations and therefore not actually do much work {Since if you’re proficient at the language, you’re honestly not doing too much work when you can just input them in}.

    So I hope I was able to clear things up with you and good luck to you in the future when it comes to subbing H!P media.

  3. SacredCultivator, thank you very much, I really apreciate your effort to reply me, that talks really nice about you.
    ABout the video, no problem, I undestand as well as the translation, you´re right, it´s just something easy to do.

    Just keep working like you have been doing lately and, I hope you could translate “Sentou No Musume” Dorama, cause I watched the first 5 or 6 episodes translated in english before the person who subbed it quit, and, with your god-type subbing, it could be an excellent work.

    Greetings from Mexico.

    Gus Manson Arizmendi.

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