Young Gangan DVD Vol. 16 (2011.04.15) (Segments)

September 14, 2011

Dear Readers,

Ehh, this one is sorta random huh?

Anyway, we thought to just work on some of these and one of which isn’t H!P/AKB/Idoling!!! related, just cause it was part of the package.

So what do we got here?

Koike Yui (GokaiPink):
While watching through this, I didn’t know who she was at first until I dug up a little info on her. She plays GokaiPink from Gokaiger.
Check her out in Gokaiger!

Niwa Mikiho (Canary Club, GoseiYellow)
Some say she has an annoying voice since there is something to it, but I like her nonetheless.
Check her out in Goseiger

Nonaka Misato (AKB48, Team K)
Unno who she is, but she’s in AKB48.


Yokoyama Rurika (Idoling!!!)
Tallest one in Idoling!!! if I’m not mistaken?


We’re going on slight hiatus now since most of our translators are busy again, which puts a stall on the Sakura-con DVD since snoboat is having issues with getting the video to work on his ubuntu setup.

Translator: Chibusasa
Timer: SacredCultivator
Editor: SacredCultivator
Typesetter: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator

Download it in either Xvid or H264.

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