Fukumura Mizuki – Greeting ~Fukumura Mizuki~

September 8, 2011

Dear Readers,

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Seems we’ll be working on each 9ki’s Greeting DVD.

Here’s a list of things asked within the interview sessions:
-Foods you like
-Foods you dislike
-Special skills
-Things you’re bad with/at
-Scary things
-So you actually like it
-Times when you get excited
-What are you called at home?
-What about friends or members?
-What do you prefer?
-Favorite saying/word
-How did you start?
-Inside your head
-Noticing Hello!Project
-Reason for joining H!P Egg
-Memories of your audition
-Your 2 years as an Egg
-Things that have improved
-Your best friend, rival
-Aspirational sempai
-Choose 1 from all of those
-Your feelings about Morning Musume at the time
-Nakano Sun Plaza January 2nd, 2011
-The announcement
-Backstage afterwards
-Someone who was happy for you
-School life
-Places you like
-With your friends
-Show us
-“Maji Desu ka Ska!”
-9th Generation members
-And Fukumura Mizuki
-Your dream as part of Morning Musume

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Download it in either Xvid or H264.

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