Utaban (1999.01.12) Morning Musume – Daite HOLD ON ME!

August 22, 2011

Dear Readers, As promised and inspired by Jen/Bryan’s Wed, let’s kick off Utaban Week. And how appropriate is this episode? HOLD ON ME! Kicking it super old school! It’s the first Tokuban! Although it’s two hours, this isn’t =P Rivalry as the stage gets filled by both Yaen and MM. Then we get into a […]


Akuma no Tsubuyaki ~Akuma de Kyuuto na Seishun Graffiti~ (2011.01.19)

August 21, 2011

Dear Readers, Requested by: αλε-сиαη Apple Cake Chimai iceymoon Machi-chan man man lo lo Miekie1991 I didn’t forget about your hinting at me for this one iceymoon! Sorry it took us forever but it was a huge project to take on, but at last it’s completed. And we wanted to get this released on this […]


Alo-Hello! – Abe Natsumi

August 10, 2011

Dear Readers, And it’s Abe’s Birthday! So what a better way than to take it back old school. Description (by SFGundam): It’s been a while since we saw an Alo-Hello! release! This time, it is a collaboration with TPF! Here is Abe’s first Alo-Hello~ adventure back in 2007! Nacchi talks about: -Her life -Goes diving […]


100310 AKBINGO!

August 7, 2011

Hi everyone! Here’s another episode of AKBINGO! This time it’s Danso Koushien (Male outfit garden) This episode features Shinoda Mariko, Kojima Harua, Matsui Rena and Akimoto Sayaka dressed as guy to win the members heart! Who will emerge as the winner? For more information or comments about us please visit! http://www.facebook.com/HelloFansubs http://www.facebook.com/myAidol Staff: Translator: Bo-chan, […]


100303 AKBINGO! SP

August 1, 2011

Hi Everyone! Here’s another episode of AKBINGO!! This week it’s a one hour special!! Whew~ It look us longer than expected (>.Sorry for the delay… This episode recaps about all the nice episode of AKBINGO! in the past. Things that you might have missed out and such. If you just started watching this might just […]


Smileage – aMa no Jaku (Making of)

August 1, 2011

Dear Readers, Here’s S/mileage’s debut Single PV Making of! And also it marks Ayaka Wada’s Birthday! Huge thanks to OSL for providing the script, and then had to hunt down the RAW to use it, thanks to BJ2 for that. Hmm, it’s great to see that in this Making of, the girls are having soo […]