100317 AKBINGO!

August 22, 2011

Hi everyone!

It’s the long awaited AKBINGO!!
This week it’s the continuation of the previous DANSO garden.
This time it’s Sae, Mayuyu , tomochin and Moeno turn to dress up as a guy.
Seriously if I were a girl , I wouldn’t mind dating them.

Who will emerge as the winner this time?

With the release of this AKBINGO, we would like to introduce the role of a editor.
Yes we hear you all!

With the introduction of editor ( IAMGUNDAM), he will double check whatever H!F has qced as well as all the timing for the subs.
With this ,we hope to improve and provide you with better subs (^.^)!

Everyone please do give him your warm support as well!

Do comment and tell us how to improve!!
As we do take your comments seriously ( ^. ^)/~
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Translator : Vincent
Timer : Bukx
Typeset : ReA
QC : Sacred Cultivator/ H!F
Encoder: ReA

Download it Here.

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