Alo-Hello! – Abe Natsumi

August 10, 2011

Dear Readers,

And it’s Abe’s Birthday! So what a better way than to take it back old school.

Description (by SFGundam):
It’s been a while since we saw an Alo-Hello! release!

This time, it is a collaboration with TPF!

Here is Abe’s first Alo-Hello~ adventure back in 2007!

Nacchi talks about:
-Her life
-Goes diving
-Looks at pretty places
-Goes to a jungle and rides in the jungle.
-And of course some shopping too!

Don’t worry guys, there are plenty of bikini shots for you to enjoy as well!


Works on our second joint are taking place already ^^

Translator: SFGundam
Timer: SacredCultivator
Editor: SacredCultivator
Typesetter: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator

Download it in either Xvid or H264.

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  2. Oh this is so good!
    Thank you.

  3. Thank you.

  4. I asked for you to sub this an absolute age ago, thanks for subbing. Now I have no further reason to learn Japanese. Hope you sub some more of the older stuff.

  5. We try, but just don’t really got the interested translators to work on them… Got TONS of Utabans no translator.

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