Little Update!

July 9, 2011

Dear Readers,

Just thought it’d be right to write up a little response/update as to where H!F currently stands as well as just a word of thanks to everyone.

For those that missed it, you can go here to catch up on things.

Anyway, we’ve got some good news, we do have some projects that are making progress and should hopefully be done within the next week or so.

Also, for those that still care, our Karaoke Department is slowly starting up again, as not only is Tomo-chan almost back, but we have 2 possible members that we are currently screening. They look hopeful so we do hope to be able to pass them as soon as they make the changes requested and we think it’s releasable. So to the fans that appreciate our Karaoke, do look forward to that.

Things will still be quite slow for us, but I’m fine with it, can’t always be active and on the mark with releases when your primary staff/person can’t do the translating despite having “all the time in the world.” Just got to deal with that and do what you can with what you’ve got and know that the fans out there appreciate our work and just be grateful for that.

So I’d like to thank everyone who has been keeping up with / supporting us throughout our subbing life.

Below will just be dedicated thank you’s to a few key people, if I’ve missed you, I do apologize as the reason can simply be, we haven’t kept in touch much.

– – – (In no particular order) – – –
Tomo-chan: I think I can safely say you’ve been with H!F for the longest period of time (I so hope I’m right). Anyway, it’s a huge thanks to you that the karaoke department is even around/ available for the public. I know that without your help, we definitely wouldn’t be putting out all the karaoke’s that we have. Grateful for all the other TS’ers we have but I’m sure without your QC, they wouldn’t be as spectacular as they are. If I were to just take in all the people that wanted to help, I can say that the quality probably wouldn’t up to par as to what you do. And I know for that alone, would get you to hate me greatly. I know whenever we’ve talked in the past when I ranted to you about how I wanted to give up on H!F, I recall reading, “If you disband H!F, I’m going to kill? (hate) you!”, yeah I wouldn’t want that, so here we are.

snoboat: You’ve just been awesome, I apologize that you became our primary translator and I’ve bugged you constantly to do/ trans. check. But it’s been great having you as we’ve even met up a few times, first time being when I actually drove down to San Diego with sis to visit. And the others during AX / Sakura-con. So huge thanks for all the help you’ve done and more or less for being so awesome!

Sohee: What is there to say? Originally signed on to help sub a bunch of things and then even expanded to doing lyric translations. Was surprised you wanted to take on such a huge project (doing all of MM’s PV Making of’s). You’ll eventually come around to getting those done. But apart from that, you’ve just been such an awesome friend and I still await the day that we meet! Still shocked me that you knew both Bryan and Jennifer ^^. As usual if there’s a time you need to rant about anything, you know I’m only a few clicks away. And it was still super awesome when you told me about your super cool experience with the project you were involved in with you know who’s PV. As fellow Film Majors (although I’m taking it very lightly, whereas you’re properly pursuing it), we here for each other =P

Chibusasa: Our newest addition to the group and such a super awesome one. Your personality just makes me laugh even though we’ve yet to meet. Still recalls the horrible Earthquake where you were just trying to sleep, but it bugged you, even when you tried to sleep through it. One of these days, you as well as Sohee, we’ve got to meet! But thank you for taking on the projects that would never ever be completed if it weren’t for you. And random trivia, first time I became friends with you via Facebook, I thought, “Oh, this girl here looks a bit like Chisato!” So I’ll forever remember you as the Chisato-look-alike.

ggliff: We wouldn’t really be here this year if it weren’t for you! Been sooo helpful/resourceful for aiding us with not only our site/forums but just doing a great job with the promotion of H!F with Musume-Central. So grateful to know you to help us out in our time of need.

monteyuma: Oh man where to begin? We don’t talk that much, but the times we do are just awesome. You’re one of the few that I can go to to rant about things, well same as you, but that’s cool. Since we generally agree with what each of us has to say, and you’ve also helped me a few times in regards to encoding.

Mattthecat: Hello there Matsuura lover! As with monteyuma, we don’t talk too often, but I still appreciate the feedback you give whenever there’s some sort of crazy fiasco going on. Sorta like my to-go to guy when I need help / some sort of conflict going on. We both be crazy devoted to what we love doing and to the best for the both of us. So thank you for everything you’ve said and done to help me out ^_^

Luna: Ehh, this is so off-topic as it has nothing to do with H!F but you know I had to mention you. You’ve always had that desire to help us out with Karaoke, but stuff happened, and well the end of it is… that’s not gonna happen. But you know you’re my Sister, and I got to mention you. Thanks primarily for that little snippet of my “poetry” you inserted into you and Mikaila’s awesome cover of Heartbeat #0822. Not only that, but was able to meet you in person and you were just pure joy. Still awaits that day that you’ll reconsider and work on them karaoke skills to help us out! Cause… cause… You’re a panda and I love you.

TakeoRay: Shhhh, almost forgot about you. But I had to add you in solemnly because you’re just a cool friend to have. Sakura-con was a great chance for us to get to know each other more and no worries man, only a selected few saw that footage that took place at the hotel entitled, “TakeoRay’s Confessions!” I’ll tell you what though, Luna said, “SHOW PEOPLE!!!” but as I told you, I won’t let the public see it without your permission ^^. Till the next time we meet, again, it was just a great time when you were around.

Aidol: HUGE THANKS goes out to you guys. I mean we’re like close buddies now, since we are collaborating, and not only for H!P stuff but with AKB48 stuff as well. A good balance to bring both worlds to the public. I know we aren’t as established as you guys are, popularity-wise, since we’ve got to face it (at least I have), that there are more AKB48 fans than there are H!P now. So it’s great that not only am I able to help you out with QC with AKB48 related things, that you’re willing to aide us out with H!P stuff as well. So I’m very grateful for having this bond that we have and look forward to continue working together.

– – –
Well that should be it, if I’ve missed you or if I’ve actually made contact with you before and you’d like to be added, just leave a comment and I’ll edit this entry with it (if I’m able to) and… yeah.

Anyway, again, can’t emphasize how grateful I am for having such great staff, for no matter how long you’ve been with us, and not only that… The fans that have been supporting us. It was a huge pleasure to actually meet some of you in person, that only made it the better!


5 Responses to “Little Update!”

  1. thank you for H!F team for your dedication and sacrfices all these years. it would have taken 3 years of Japanese classes to get any meaningful understanding of all their shows but that’s been cut short now because of all your hard work. thanks again and we fans wish you all the best for your future projects! also, your collaboration with Aidol is pretty much appreciated 🙂

  2. Haha, thanks for the shoutout.

    Karaoke… well it’s hard shiz. I have a new respect for Typesetters. But sadly, my interest in the Idol world is dying; both KPOP and JPOP. It’s not enough to motivate me to learn KaraokeFX again. Or even time stuff for that matter. Seriously, timing stuff is a bitch. If I had someone to time stuff for me I would most likely go back to doing KaraokeFX again.

    On the other hand, I’m taking Japanese lessons, they’re going OK. I have a hard time memorizing what each particle is used for. But I’ll also be taking Japanese as a course this coming school year. If I get fluent enough, maybe I could be a translator.

    Ah, you’ve made me feel guilty. LunaPanda might be reinstalling aegisub sometime soon to study KaraokeFX again.

    Thanks for shameless RainingAsians promotion and telling Allen that I think everyone should know his little secret there. I swear I was THIS close *makes gesture* to telling her. That is, if she doesn’t know. X)

  3. ^She don’t know haha. But hey had to make the shout out cause you are such an awesome panda, though the one I saw at AX comes close =P

  4. ^Yes but is it a singing panda?

  5. Thanks SC. I love ya too.

    And yeah, I’m probably the last longstanding member, except for you. It’s been 4 1/2 years yesterday that I’ve been with H!F!


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