Status Announcement!

June 13, 2011

Dear Fans,

I’d like to take this time to thank everyone who have supported us throughout our 4 years of subbing.

But I’d like to announce a few things, whether it’s for the better or worse is up to you.

As you know, generally I take upon myself to initiate projects for the group and do most of the work apart from the Translation / Karaoke Typesetting. It’s been a rough road with numerous obstacles (Losing members, members disappearing (not replying), motivation level changes, collaborations, etc.), but we pulled through and continue to put out subs on what was a pretty consistent fashion. Though we have had moments of hiatus and just not making that weekly release or whatnot but now it’s on a huge slow down.

So what does that lead to? Well, we still got tons of unsubbed projects that are sitting there, but probably won’t see the light of day, so here’s the breakdown of what we got that is just pending translations:

5 Alo-Hello!

13 Utaban

Several various DVD’s

Then as usual, the bajillion or so PV’s, but that’s pending Karaoke Typesetting which Tomo-chan should HOPEFULLY be able to continue soon, as she’s been backed up with a lot of things.

(But of course, if there are willing Translators/ Karaoke Typesetters, that’d be awesome!)

Anyway, so again, it’s been fun and recently we’ve made alliance with the wonderful people of Aidol and have now sorta dipped our hands into AKB48 stuff, will admit, their shows are definitely more entertaining. And they have helped us with H!P stuff, and we’ll continue working with them to bring out subs to all the fans of both H!P/AKB48.

But here is the issue, on my end at least. In the past few weeks or so, my motivation to do any H!P subbing has taken a huge plummet, not sure from what, as I recall, I was working on a DVD (Which I’ve passed onto another staff, but not sure if it’ll be completed), as I was working on it, my mind just said, “F it, quit”, and well, I did, so I haven’t touched that project since then. Since then, I don’t know, things have just slowed and the translators have been busy so I don’t dare take on anything new unless Translator commits to it.

Once we complete all current projects, I think I’ll put H!F on hold just to see if my motivation for it returns or not. BUT I will say this right now, whenever the BK Seattle DVD is released, we will work on that (Unless something goes completely whack). Other than that, expect much fewer releases from us, BUT we will still be aiding Aidol with their AKB content.

(Don’t misinterpret this please, it isn’t that I’ve given up on H!P and moving over to AKB or anything. No, that’s not the issue at all.)

But even with that said, I, SC, will still be around, but concentrating more on J-Drama / Movies, Tokusatsu (Sentai/ Kamen Rider).

Quite a pity really, but that’s reality I suppose. Definitely was fun building up fandom and meeting the fans as well too.

So again, thank you everyone for your support throughout our efforts, and we hope to still occasionally put out releases for your viewing pleasure. But all is well, other fansubbing groups are slowly emerging / becoming more active. So I thank them for subbing ^_^

SC is out, PEACE!

15 Responses to “Status Announcement!”

  1. It’s sad to hear you need motivation, but in fact it’s not new. I guess idol fans tend to have this kind of moments in their fan-lives.
    I always solve that problem in second by watching any video, specially those translated, so I think you and other fansub groups have too much credit for keeping our motivation up.
    Take your time and don’t give up Hello! Project.
    Wouldn’t like to even mention the AKB thing but it’s good to hear the problem is not a change of heart ^^
    Thank you again for all the subs.

  2. I hate u πŸ™

  3. @asdad: I love you too =/

  4. i’m not hate u for real but just hate when things don’t finish !

  5. It’s okay, you shouldn’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Thank you for all the subs up until now! ^^

  6. Today is a sad day.

  7. Thank you very much SacredCultivator for all your work. Hope the passion will be back.

  8. Oh, wow. πŸ™ I’m sorry to hear that, but I understand.

    I really hope your motivation comes back and you find more translators, because H!P subs will be seriously lacking/slowing now. You guys basically do half of the subbing for the H!P community, haha.

    I hope you and Aidol do some H!P stuff like Hello! Morning as well as AKBINGO! and other shows.

    (Because honestly, though I like AKBINGO!, I find H!M to be much more entertaining).

  9. @Chimai: Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

    Well Aidol and H!F will be working on both H!P/AKB content. But more AKBINGO will be done. As for H!M’s, ehh don’t really count on that.

    But I definitely would like to get most if not all of the Unsubbed Utaban’s completed someday… Guess we’ll see if my motivation returns.

  10. Thank you for all the hard work and time you have spent working with subbing all these great videos.
    Quality has always been marvelous and i amongst surely many many others have enjoyed watching them all alot.

    If/Hopefully when you decide to return to subbing please let all of us know if we can assist in anyway. I’m sure there are people who wouldn’t mind contributing in some way other than clicking the “Donate” button at the top of this page.

    Once again thank you for all your hard work πŸ™‚

  11. SacredCultivator! Cheer up dude, we are doing H!P releases beside AKB stuffs, hopefully with our new intakes and “storm” which is coming we can concentrate on H!P releases for H!F and AIDOL (^.^)


  12. @Cheeee: Thanks, but as mentioned, it’s mainly due to a lack of both Translators / Karaoke TS’ers, so if we can get/find more of those and active ones, things can return to normal.

    @Bo-chan: Hehe, I know that we’re collaborating, and I did make note that we’d still be working alongside you (Aidol) with projects ^_^

  13. Hey SC, you’ve done a great job with H!F, just want to pass on some props.

  14. Can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done in the past.
    And yeah, I know quite well how strenuous it can be, and how frustrating it is to have members disappear and that constant search for translations. It’s a miracle that you kept up that momentum for so long. At a time like this it’s best to take a break and step back.
    But knowing that you are as driven (or shall we say mad?) as I am I’m confident that you will “return” in some way (after all you’re not leaving altogether! πŸ™‚ )

  15. You’re right, but even with what is it now… 4 years? that want to continue only fades more and more given how long we’ve tried to find the active members.

    I’m grateful for the ones we currently got.

    But yup, as the years pass by, I guess I just don’t want to bother with the constant searching and rather stick to groups that are more established and the workload isn’t piled up on myself, J-dramas.

    Ehh, we’ll just see what’s up I guess.

    Now I got to go make another post thanks to you =)

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