100127 AKBINGO!

June 5, 2011

Hi Everyone!

Here’s another episode of AKBINGO!
This time it’s 1hr special!
In the first part of the show, the members got their palm read by the celebrity Shimada shuhei! What would their luck by in the year 2010? (lol)
Second segment is Shoujiki Shougi battle between Minegishi Minami and Itano Tomomi! Some interesting question that Tomochin threw to Miichan.

Do comment and tell us how to improve!!
As we do take your comments seriously ( ^. ^)/~
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Translator: Bo-chan
Timer: ReA
Typesetter: ReA
Encoder: ReA
QC : SacredCultivator

Download it here.

7 Responses to “100127 AKBINGO!”

  1. Is it possible for you guys to upload you work for DDL?

  2. ^We don’t have Direct DL’s for the AKBingo stuff.

    Have to wait for Aidol to upload them for Direct DL at their Facebook page.

  3. ^ Do you have DDL’s for H!P things: Because I’ve never come across them; only the H!O torrents.

  4. H264:


  5. excuse me but… where can I download this episode?
    the link in this post just sends me back to the tracker page and when I try to search for it it says that there are no results… I hope you can help me, and thank you in advance!

    Also thank you for your hard work!

  6. Hey there,

    Given it was an old post, yeah H!O’s tracker links changed.

    So I updated the link, luckily still has 2 seeders.

  7. Thank you!! 😀

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