UTB Vol.200 Special Making DVD – Suzuki Airi & Watanabe Mayu

May 26, 2011

Dear Readers, Here’s a nice little goody! Get to learn the first impressions that Suzuki and Mayuyu had on each other. Not only that, they find out that they have some things in common. Hehe, just realized… This definitely would have been the perfect project to collab. with Aidol as our new bond unfolds. Given […]


Buono! Live Tour ’10 ~Rock’n Buono! 3~ – MC’s

May 25, 2011

Dear Readers, This one’s for NeedMoreBuono! =) More MC’s for you all. Just trying to complete the ones we’ve got pending. Find out what they’d like to do during their days off. The VTR is fun seeing them go go-karting, find out who’s the victor! Enjoy! Staff: Translators: aichannofan, snoboat Timers: SacredCultivator Editors: SacredCultivator Typesetters: […]


MelodiX! (2011.04.26) Morning Musume – Maji Desu ka Suka!

May 24, 2011

Dear Readers, Requested by: Ashley G. Description: We get to see how 9th Gen. has changed MM. As well as who past or present the members are afraid of. But what is this… about Mitsui. =( And top it all off with a performance of Maji Desu ka Suka! Enjoy! Staff: Translator: snoboat Lyric Translations: […]


MM Concert Tour ’10 Autumn ~Rival Survival~ – MC’s

May 23, 2011

Dear Readers, This ones in dedication to you iceymoon =) Late, but better than never right? Well, we thought it best to just work with the Blu-ray rather than do re-release from the DVD, since the Blu-ray doesn’t get much love that way. Description: Included are the following, you’ll just need to grab to see […]


Takahashi Ai – AI loves you I love AI

May 22, 2011

Dear Readers, Lots of BluRay stuff out there now, so we thought to continue bringing you the BluRay goodness! There might not be a ton of lines in this DVD, but you can just enjoy it for what it’s worth for those that didn’t grab the ISO of it. She primarily just talks about her […]


100113 AKBINGO!

May 21, 2011

Hi Everyone! Here’s another episode of AKBINGO! As previously told, we missed a episode of AKBINGO. And thus here’s it! This episode continues from the previous 091230 AKBINGO previously subbed by DarkScorpion. This time the girls learn how to properly make the right expression when eating ramen! This episode also contains a episode on AKRanger […]


Buono! – Zassou no Uta (Limited Edition DVD)

May 15, 2011

Dear Readers, Description by bhemfine: Hi Everyone! It’s the first collaboration between H!F and AIDOL! Presenting you with… *Drum roll* Buono! – Zassou no Uta Limited Edtion DVD (Jacket Shooting) It’s been a while since Buono! released anything and how can we miss out on this goodness! Jacket shooting means they are taking the photoshoot […]


Yajima Maimi – Umikaze

May 11, 2011

Dear Readers, Not much to say, Maimi goodness! Outfits: White lace with scarf Peach/pink nightwear Blue white polka-dot / Shorts Black white polka-dotted dress Peach one-piece oversized sweater Well, I guess you could say… Lots of ‘GAM’ to see, as each outfit does show off her legs. Then we get the interview portion as she […]


Utaban (2009.06.14) Tsuji Nozomi & Fujimoto Miki

May 4, 2011

Dear Readers, Requested by: erhard Norwen Here’s the last of the Utaban’s that we’ve completed, I hope you’ve enjoyed them ^_^ Married life is great huh? In this episode of Utaban we join Fujimoto and Tsuji as well as other wives that talk about their husbands. There are various topics such as: Cute Points Finance […]