February 5, 2011

Dear Fans,

Here’s a lazy post in hopes of finding interested Translators / Karaoke Typesetters.

In the past few weeks, we’ve gotten a few interested Translators but sadly, after initial greetings and assigning of first Project, they’ve basically disappeared.

I don’t quite understand the point of interest if there isn’t much “work” done to begin with and then they just up and leave and don’t reply back to their emails.

So here’s just another shot at finding those interested and are willing to commit to completing a project without just up and leaving.


Bahs… At times like this… Giving up on it all (H!P fansubbing) seems like an okay decision…

– SC

8 Responses to “Recruitment”

  1. don’t give up!!

  2. I hope you find the help you need.
    But being honest, that little help from some people from time to time is the normal help you would find, it’s the same I experience in my site. I never expect people to be as dedicated as me in my project.
    I guess that explain the good amount of fansubs that are formed by only one person. But without an decent planning their work just ends being just random and inconsistent subs in youtube.
    That where you differs, you have managed to do great projects like the entire Yorosen, or stage plays, etc. You’ve been around for a while and I guess you’ll still be for a while more, but the help will come and go like that.
    I’d like to help to I can’t translate anything besides Eng->Spa, so that’s the only thing I do.
    And Happy Birthday to Nacky!

  3. eh…all the best~~!! i wanna help but i do not know Japanese~

    ^^ the only languages i know is Chinese(not too great in it either) and English~~ lol~~

    all the best..let me know if u need help any where~~
    i’m just behind the computer~~^^


  4. Alright. I’ve worked as a translator for another group but they have not really been motivated these days, which has gotten me a bit upset. I will be willing to join this one. Just one minor problem (I cannot read kanji). If you want to know how my translating works, I translated motto to love ru and shukufuku no campanella for commiesubs. Hope to receive a reply.

  5. You know, forget I said anything. I’m not a fan of tling plays. Gomenasai.

  6. ^We don’t do many plays… I think we’ve only done like 2-3 plays.

    Most of the things we work with are DVD’s/ TV Variety/ MC’s from Concerts.

  7. hey so just wanted to let you know I’m doing my best to find some people who might be willing to help out…I haven’t received any replies yet but once I do I will give them the info to message you! 😀

  8. Thanks.

    Got a few and testing them out, but yup, any other interested will be nice since I want ot finish up the projects we have before doing any new ones.

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