Happy Birthday + Recruitment!

December 19, 2010

Dear Fans,

Happy 23rd B-day to SC!

– – –

No releases today like we did last year.

But anyway, let’s cut right to it.

Here’s just another call for possible Interested Translators / Karaoke Typesetters.

As mentioned in a previous Recruit Post, we have around 34 Projects (Includes and not limited to; Alo-Hello!’s, Utaban’s, Various Concert MC/Skits, PB Making of’s) that are pending Translations. Then there are well over another 20 or so PV/Perf’s that just need Karaoke Typesetting.

A few are Eri-centered, which I hope we can manage at least ONE of them to be completed in time for her B-day.

So if anyone is interested, just comment below and we’ll see how things go.


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday + Recruitment!”

  1. Hi, am interested. I have wanted to join your Hello!FanSubs for a long time. Now finally I apply, lol

    Please contact me chibilolli@hotmail.com

    And by the way, happy birthday SacredCultivator!

  2. Could you please send a quick Email to me (SacredCultivator@gmail.com) or any sort of IM (Or even just register on our Forums).

    As I can’t seem to reach that Email, as it says it’s incorrect.

    Thank you.

  3. Hello, I am interested in joining H!F as a translator. I have 2 years worth of Japanese studies so I think I could be as of some help.

    Please contact me at: Kumainoba@hotmail.com


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