Alo-Hello!2 – Berryz Koubou

December 25, 2010

Dear Readers, Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday’s! (As well as Happy Birthday to snoboat!) I know this isn’t Christmas themed, but it’s all we got for you. Berryz Koubou’s 2nd Alo-Hello! So why not find us Seven cute girls and have ourselves a Beach Party? Sure it may not have much talking till near the […]


Kamei Eri – Eririn (Making DVD Special Edition)

December 23, 2010

Dear Readers, Happy Birthday to Kamei Eri! At first, I was thinking we wouldn’t have anything done for her B-day, as the initial plan was to have her Graduation DVD released for her, but felt the day after their Graduation Concert was more appropriate. Anyway, we present you with the Making DVD Special Edition of […]


Happy Birthday + Recruitment!

December 19, 2010

Dear Fans, Happy 23rd B-day to SC! – – – No releases today like we did last year. But anyway, let’s cut right to it. Here’s just another call for possible Interested Translators / Karaoke Typesetters. As mentioned in a previous Recruit Post, we have around 34 Projects (Includes and not limited to; Alo-Hello!’s, Utaban’s, […]


Kamei Eri – Graduation Memorial DVD (2010.11.13)

December 15, 2010

Dear Readers, This is great timing still right? I mean, we wanted to have it out yesterday, but didn’t make that deadline. And the other one was for her B-day, but snoboat felt it better to release this now since the Concert Tour is going on now and they graduated. Description by Sohee: Here it […]


Shin Minimoni – Mini. Strawberry~ Pie (H!P ’10 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Date~)

December 8, 2010

Dear Readers, Another Blu-Ray release that has been on the back-burner for some time. So you guys can now all enjoy some Strawberry Pie! The effects work and you just got to love the colors and strawberries used in the Perf. Enjoy! PS: Gonna be a slow December for us, with Finals going on and […]


Berryz Koubou – Seishun Bus Guide

December 3, 2010

Dear Readers, Here’s Berryz Koubou’s 20th Single PV! This one is fun, as you get to go traveling on a bus with BK as well as an Announcer. Just sing along as the bus takes you from left to right and right to left. Can’t quite say I enjoy this song too much, but the […]


Morning Musume – Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~ (Making of)

December 1, 2010

Dear Readers, Here’s Morning Musume’s 22nd Single Making of! Description by Sohee: In this making of we see Rika being a cop and arresting Reina, and even though as she apologizes, Rika keeps telling her to be louder. Quite an intense 30 seconds, for sure. We also see some girls pretend to be Chinese, and […]