JunJun & LinLin – Graduation Memorial DVD (2010.11.13)

November 25, 2010

Dear Readers,

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (To those that celebrate it =P)

Description by Sohee:
Here is the graduation memorial DVD for JunJun and LinLin. It’s a very cute DVD and while it is sad that they’re graduating, I think it’s nice that we get a whole DVD of just these two. They deserved more though if you ask me.

In this DVD we get to see them fool around, being dressed beautifully in yukata and then see them riding some kind of boat. We also get to hear their honest opinion about the various members, and about each other and there are messages from the other members to these two – telling about moments and memories of JunJun and LinLin.

We get to hear how both of them agree to that Gaki-san is like LinLin’s dad, and how JunJun and Ai-chan have had crying parties together.

Aika apparently goes from tiny to huge in an instant when she wants too and LinLin is a very hug-able person, as verified by Reina. An interesting part is when the two of them talk about each other and tell each other what they really were thinking when they first met, did they really like each other back then and how do they honestly feel now?

I know when they first met and it was said they lived together, there was many speculations about whether or not they liked each other or not, because they were always put together some people thought so and some people simply said that they might just hate each others gut. Well, in this DVD we find out the truth – and having watched it already… I know. But I won’t tell you, you’ve got to see it yourself. 😉

Either way, this DVD is funny, cute and worth watching.

I will be missing these girls a lot, despite looking forward to the 9th generation, but hoping that it’s true that they will continue in China with their activities, I can’t wait to see more of them as solo acts. At least that will give them the attention and focus they’ve always deserved.

I hope you enjoy this!

For those wondering, we do apologize, but we don’t have an estimated date for Eri’s Graduation DVD. So just got to wait patiently for it.

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  1. are softsubs remotely possible? i already have the DVD….

  2. ^Nope, sorry.

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