Calling Interested Translators~ + Status Update

November 17, 2010

Dear Fans,

Doing the usual call to see if there are any interested translators that would like aide us in our numerous projects.

In a generalized breakdown, we currently have the following completed except for translations:
18 Utabans
1 H!M
5 DVD’s

And our primary Translators are currently swamped with not just their own projects, but with their own life.

So just thought to throw this out there to see if there may be people interested in helping us out in completing these pending projects to release to the public.


– SacredCultivator

Status Update:

Yes, H!F will be subbing the 3 Graduation DVD’s. We have already completed the Timing Stage for both, and now just pending translations.

Although it does disappoint me to discover that one or both of these may be subbed by another group… Pending results.

3 Responses to “Calling Interested Translators~ + Status Update”

  1. like these graduation dvds?

  2. ^Yes, both are done and just pending translations now.

  3. omg awesome!!!

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