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October 18, 2010

Dear Fans,

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(Just a bump)

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As some of you may have noticed, in the past week or so, I made a post about possible down-time of our site due to Domain issues.

I just wanted to announce that everything is 100% back to normal now, although at quite a toll.

So to keep you updated, we had issues with Domain name due to original owner not wanting to take any part of renewing the Domain anymore.

Sad part is, he didn’t want to transfer ownership to me so we had to take the risky path of waiting for it to go up for Auction, which starts at a cheap price.

But it seems because I made such an announcement, not saying there is, but just by the look of things, others were bidding on it as well, which really really hiked up the price to one I didn’t want to pay for, but ended up doing so.  As this was the better route opposed to getting a new name and having to message everyone that I could to update the links and then majority of our releases would have the incorrect URL in it.

As I see no reason anyone else would want our name, given there were 5 other bidders apart from myself.  ><

Anyway, because of this #K$JL#K%$)%(*$() dilemma we had, I hate to ask people for donations, but it has come to this, any amount is appreciated.

And I thank those who’ve donated in the past!

Well, with that aside, do wait as we have a few goodies in store for you later today. ^_^


3 Responses to “Hate to Ask >”

  1. That sounds like a rough situation, I will see what I can do coming in the next couple weeks.

    Any idea on who were the other bidders, I’m kind of curious of who is fighting for this domain name.

  2. If I can convince my friend to let me use her paypal to donate some cash then I will do!

  3. @Billy: Can’t tell since during Auction doesn’t give any info/names just how many bidders.

    Can’t say who they could’ve been, sicne I know there is a FRENCH group that uses the same “H!F” tag, but they have their own site, so don’t think they’d bid on this one.

    So Staff and I only came up with, people out to screw us over by bidding and hiking up the price, but that’s only an assumption =/

    @MewMewLea16: Well, if that works out, great! =P, as thus far we’ve had one donation since this Post was made.

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