Morning Musume – Souda! We’re ALIVE (Making of)

September 22, 2010

Dear Readers,

Here’s Morning Musume’s 14th Single Making of!

Starting off, I’d like to say, the Operation Reformation was basically just re-prioritizing our projects, in this case, taking on a “series” of something and following through to complete them.

So, Sohee proposed that we sub all of Morning Musume’s PV Making of’s. And so here we are, the first release of 33, as H!F has already subbed a few in the past, and we’re just going to complete the rest.

ALSO!!! Before we get yelled at… We will not be subbing:
Morning Musume – Morning Musume Single Medley ~Hawaiian~
(Because there is literally only 1 line of dialog and it’s simply, “Good work.”)

Don’t think that deems for us to release it and count it as a sub.

I’ll admit, this first release only contains 5 lines, and it’s nothing important really, but it is the FIRST making of that we know of to have been released, so we thought to do it.

Our goal here is… Not only to have all of Morning Musume’s PV Making of’s completed but basically ensure that we have Weekly Releases for you all.
(Keep in mind, we only plan to do Morning Musume’s PV Making of’s, so we have no plans on other Groups/Soloists.)

I know that not everyone is a fan of PV Making of’s, so we’re probably hitting a small niche for these, and hope that those fans who aren’t, can hold off for a bit as we work on other projects, since we do want to sprinkle in various projects as well.

Another thing, apart from just doing these PV Making of’s, we do plan on doing MC’s from various concerts as well. So we’ll primarily be concentrating on MM’s PV Making of/MC’s.
(MC’s will be various, and not strictly MM.)

Not to worry, we’ll try to scatter other Projects from time to time as well. As we already have a few Major Projects in the works, although work on those are very very slow at the moment.

Description by Sohee:

Here’s the first making of in Morning Musume history! Of a PV that is.

It’s completely different from what we’re used to seeing, and I guess it only goes to show that they didn’t quite know what was interesting enough and had no real idea for how to do it.

But it’s definitely fun to see the backstage of things, isn’t it?

Myself, I get really nostalgic watching things like these; and I remembered all over again how much I love this song!

So, please watch this with warm eyes and get a bit nostalgic and remember the greatness that is “Souda! WE’RE ALIVE!”


If you’ve missed the subbed version of this by Mognet, you can grab it here.

If you miss our Karaoke Works, we do apologize, just a lack of Karaoke TS’ers.

So if you or you happen to know anyone that may be interested, do PM.

All: SacredCultivator

Download it in either Xvid or H264.

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