Morning Days Vol. 1 (2007.09.26)

September 18, 2010

Dear Readers, SURPRISE!!! We were able to finish our major project in time! Ja-jan~ I have to first and foremost thank the translators; Sohee (Initiator), maddog4649 and my long time buddy, Ready2, for their devotion to this tedious project. As we all struggled to get this completed and there were just numerous occasions where the […]


Sukkiri (2010.08.09) Smileage & Morning Musume

September 18, 2010

Dear Readers, First off, we’d like to apologize for the shorts we’ve been releasing this week. We’ve just been busy with the whole “operation reformation” and didn’t want to just not release anything, so we took on a few shorts. This being one of them >< , but for good reason. We initially had something […]