Chikappe (2009.10.17) Takahashi Ai

September 14, 2010

Dear Readers, Here is one more short for Ai-chan. Description by Sohee: So haven’t you — just like me — always wondered what Ai-chan’s relation to basketball was!? Of course you have! (or not) But if you watch this, you will find out anyway, and as always, she’s adorable and cute and… you know, everything. […]


Zoomin Super (2010.06.23) Takahashi Ai – Katashi PB Handshake Event

September 14, 2010

Dear Readers, Before we move onto this… Would just like to apologize for the HUGE delay in releases from H!F, been over a month with one. Just had things to keep us occupied, which involves the whole “Operation Reformation,” which is still underway, so hopefully within the month we can actually begin/ start releasing them. […]