Few Announcements

July 15, 2010

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to announce to everyone, although this happened a few days back.

We have reached 3 Million Views.

It astonishes me how long and far H!F has come.

With that out of the way…

Just thought I’d also take this time to mention that H!F has kicked it into high gear, and therefor, in the upcoming week/s you’ll be getting 2 PV or Perf’s a week.

But only for a few weeks.

As for our weekly releases… We should hopefully have one(or a few) for this Saturday (But it might be a little late this week), and then a slight slowdown due to one Translator going back to Singapore soon.

12 Responses to “Few Announcements”

  1. honestly, to me, tv shows/dvd etc. is much better than pv/perfs.. like i appreciate 1 tv show over 500 pv..

    but thats me..

  2. Congratulations! That’s awesome 😀

  3. @oops: You have to remember one thing though… PV/Perf’s usually already have Translations completed.

    Tv/DVD don’t =)

  4. Congratulations Hello Fansubs,

    Its so great to see you guys turn around this year and there have been a ton of great new releases.

    Have you guys ever considered translation Bijo Gaku episodes at all or any of the more recent Musume t.v. appearances?

    I sort of agree with oops, I think its important to turn people on to both the new singles but also the new shows as well.

  5. Congratulations to H!F on getting so many views!! It’s truly remarkable how this site went from a near-total collapse to such a rallying of support and admiration for the group. I’m so glad to be able to support H!F in my own little way~. <3 Thanks so much to the staff for being so diligent and willing to serve the English-speaking fans, and again, congratulations!

  6. @billy jean: For Bijo… I thought there was gonna be a group to sub that?

    But we don’t have any plans at the moment.

    Given at the moment we have 2 Translators.
    One will be going back to Singapore ina bout a week and won’t be back till September I believe.

    And the other is having issues with Aegisub, which blows.

    And as much as we want to keep our Karaoke Department, we make due with what we have.

    So trying new shows… It’s Translators choice really, I’m only the backbone to do the rest of the work apart from Translating.

    I’ll agree with oops and you on the Variety > PV/Perf’s. They sorta are opposites, at times we’ll have a spurt of Karaoke, and others that small spurt of Variety. We try to balance things out without devoting ourselves to one thing.

    If you know what i mean, try to hit each fanbase, whether it’s PV or Variety.

  7. Congratulations Hello!Fansubs! 3 millon hits is quite an accomplishment. You guys have been my favorite fansubbing group practically since you were formed. H!F was formed right around the time I was getting heavily into H!P. And if it wasn’t for H!F I probably wouldn’t be as big a H!P fangirl as I am today. :]

    But I have to disagree with everyone else, I actually prefer PV/live performance releases over TV shows. Don’t get me wrong I love the subbed TV shows you guys do, especially when you subbed Haromoni@ and Yorosen. But I honestly prefer to know what the songs are about, since they are the main reason I like H!P so much. So I’d actually be ok with less frequent TV show releases. XD

  8. @AimxAim: As mentioned, we try to appeal to all crowds whether it’s for PV/ Variety Shows.

    We try not to corner ourselves to doing one thing. So I think it has worked out throughout our existence. Since from Download stats, can easily tell which things are good / not even if they are Variety Shows.

    Basically every project that we release is a hit or miss with the crowd.

  9. Oh yei! you’re a good team XD :P! I’ll be forward to all new stuff! 😛

    Will you sub the last utaban where are MM & OG?

  10. @erdhard: Many people have requested that. ANd to all of them I tell you, another group is working on that since it’s release.

    They must be extremely busy with life and not have time to work on it at the moment.

  11. owh..okay.. ultimately, of course, we appreciate everything u guys do, whether its pv or tv shows.. 🙂

    btw, i’ve been wondering this for so long now, how do we find out what group takes what project? or whether a show is being undertaken or not..

  12. @oops: I don’t know honestly.

    As H!F is out of the loop for the most part about what group does what.

    Not gonna go into details.

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