Melon Kinenbi – Namida no Taiyou

May 3, 2010

Dear Readers, Melon Kinenbi’s 12th Single! We all know that I mentioned, I’m not too keen on Melon, but hey, we still got to get into the spirit of celebrating their disbandment. So today will be full of Melon Kinenbi fun. Disco disco di-di-di-disco… Woops, sorry, wrong song =P This PV has a nice touch […]


Utaban (2002.10.17) Melon Kinenbi – Kousui

May 3, 2010

Dear Readers, It’s Melon Kinenbi Day!!! Today is their final concert, disbandment, and we thought we’d give a semi-full celebration like we did with Kusumi Koharu. Oricon Top 10, will Melon make it onto it? We get the uh oh did Melon do their incantation that guarantees their songs to become hit songs. Find out! […]


Utaban (2002.02.14) Morning Musume – Souda! We’re Alive (Before Taping)

May 2, 2010

Dear Readers, Requested by: Aimee Just as the title says, this is just chat before being taped. As we get to watch them chit-chat about some random things as they are preparing for the show. Here’s the Subbed version of the show at hand: Credits go to whomever subbed it. It’s cute how the […]


Utaban (2009.04.12) Air Band Ft. Yaguchi Mari – Seishun Boku

May 1, 2010

Dear Readers, Although not necessarily H!P related, here’s one with Airband Ft. Yaguchi Mari. And quite some overlapping of dialog so not everything is subbed in, only the major portions. Yaguchi enters a little late and gets poked fun at by Taka-san. Then there is discussion about when she was in Morning Musume and some […]