Happy 3rd to H!F

April 13, 2010

Dear Fans,

I just wanted to create a post to say thank you to all the fans out there.

This applies to those that have done any of the following:
– Uploaded our works
– Helped in attributing to H!F during our time of crisis
– Helped in expressing concerns about the matter (PM/Email/Comments)

It truly is because of you all as well as the current staff of H!F that we have decided to keep H!F going despite our handicap.

Most of you know just how much H!F means to me so it’d definitely take something much more OMG to have us disband. Not trying to say that I want something like that to occur, but definitely will it going.

It is great fun to work with the staff we have now and look forward to working with a few of the newcomers that have heard our call to help out.

So this message is to just congratulate H!F on turning 3 and hope that as each year progresses for the best to happen give or take the up’s and down’s that are guaranteed to take place.

We’ll slowly improve our ways to continue delivering you the best we are able to put out.

Special thanks goes out to both ggliff and seek from Musume-Central for being super awesome!

Visit and sign up at Musume-Central

-H!F Staff

– – – – – – –

As usual, we are still and always looking for interested Translators and/ or Karaoke Typesetters.

Either the above OR, we are more than happy to work on Joint Projects with other Groups.

So if anyone is interested, do contact me, I’m sure you know how by now, if not, just leave a comment.


– SacredCultivator

8 Responses to “Happy 3rd to H!F”

  1. That’s great, and with so many releases lately, I don’t even see that handicap ^^
    Congratulations for this 3 years.

  2. Belated happy anniversary.

  3. Congratulation!
    Thank You for all the hard works!


    Heads up Sacred~. I’m learning how to Karaoke Typeset and once I’m good enough I’m definitely applying!

  5. @MewMewLea16: hehe we’ll just see about that when the time comes ^^

  6. H!F ain’t going anywhere…..

  7. Happy 3rd!
    I can do karaoke subs, but I’m still learning to make and apply effects, so if you’re willing to help me make the effects, I can sub stuff.
    For now, I can only do TV shows and simple karaoke stuff, though. ^^’

  8. @Midori: As much as we’d like to “teach” it, it’s hard as our only “teacher” doesn’t use Aegisub to write her codes for effects =/

    So it’s more of just got to have experience in Karaoke TS and then through rigorous QC’s improve.

    As we’ve already turned down many interested Karaoke TS’ers as they only had basic knowledge which wasn’t enough to cut it

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