Morning Musume’s America’s First Landing Live (FC DVD 2010.01.26)

April 12, 2010

Dear Readers,

(O_O) Dai-shokku!

Yes, I’m sure most of you are like WTF!? about this, but remember, I mentioned we had one more big project to go, so here it is!

On a serious note though, in regard to the posts made on April 1st and 2nd, we had discussions and were actually thinking about disbandment for after our birthday release or later this year despite being planned out as April Fools at the beginning of the month.

But due to so many voices (via Email/ PM/ YouTube comments) telling us they want us to continue and have and will continue supporting us, we decided to keep on working as long as we can at a pace that we can sustain and only ask for your patience in-between each release.

– – – – –

Just wanted to begin by saying… This marks 2 milestones for H!F:
1. 400th Release
2. 3rd Anniversary Release
We’ve come a long way, with many ups and downs, but even with all that going on, we managed to pull on through to continue delivering subs/karaoke for our fans, despite the pace we work at.

For the upcoming year, let’s just hope we can continue providing you with subs and thank you all for your support in our efforts.

This release is extremely special despite how long we’ve spent working on it. But it’s extra special as well, as it is to celebrate Morning Musume’s coming to America!!! And such an event has granted me the honor of meeting H!F fans as well as make new ones and they definitely know who they are ^_^ (Or am I going to have to copy/paste that list from the TV Broadcast?)

(Incoming Novel ^^)

– – – – –

Requested by:
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Well, this was bound to be subbed right? Since we did the TV Tokyo broadcast, so we thought to top it off with this FC DVD.
(Oh, I guess we can count this as a subbed concert right? That would make it what? The second to be fully subbed? First going to HPS with their Morning Musume 1999 Spring Concert – Memory Seishun no Hikari)

I have to admit that it was fun to work on (Pay attention to some scenes that I had a little fun with the subs), and the added footage of the backstage footage is hilarious, especially when they practice their English.

I won’t make this long so I’ll just allow the honors of Reiko! to provide the Release Description, but first, the track list of the DVD:
1. Opening Message from Morning Musume
2. Mikan
3. 3.2.1. Breakin’ Out!
4. Kusumi Koharu and Mitsui Aika backstage
5. Member introductions
6. Shouganai Yumeoibito
7. How Do You Like Japan? ~Nihon wa Donna Kanji Dekka?~
8. Resonant Blue
9. Hollywood in Morning Musume
10. Morning Musume Q&A Panel
11. Niigaki Risa and Takahashi Ai backstage
12. Kamei Eri backstage
13. Medley
a. I Wish
b. Happy Summer Wedding
c. Koi no Dance Site
d. Souda! We’re Alive!
e. The Peace!
f. Renai Revolution 21
14. Morning Musume Autograph Session
15. Morning Musume in Santa Monica
16. Michishige Sayumi, JunJun, and LinLin backstage
17. Tanaka Reina backstage
18. Love Machine
19. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai Jan!
20. Ame no Furanai Hoshi dewa Aisenai Darou?
21. Closing Message from Morning Musume
22. 3.2.1. Breakin’ Out!

This DVD, for many of us, contains some of our most fond memories. It is a good chronicle of Morning Musume’s first trip to America. Last year, a special was aired on TV Tokyo, in that special we saw a lot of behind the scenes footage of Morning Musume in LA and the surrounding areas, this takes that footage, adds the complete concert and expands on it.

There is footage from the Q&A session with Morning Musume, and also from the first autograph session. We see the girls exploring Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the Santa Monica area. In this DVD, the girls even take the viewer shopping with them. Just wait until you see some of the things some of the girls buy.

Of course, the whole concert is included, but that does not include the contest MC, UFA decided to not include that in this DVD, but all the other MCs are there. There are also segments backstage where the girls answer some questions and show off their English skills.

In addition, as a special bonus, we have included a short video of Morning Musume at dinner in LA. This short clip brings many laughs, and all of the members have something to say. This was included on the DVD as a special feature, and we felt the release would not be complete without it.

This DVD, and the event it covers proves JunJun correct “there are no borders to music.” And I believe Ai-chan got her wish “We, the 9 Morning Musume girls, would love to make wonderful memories with you.” I will never forget this event for the rest of my life.


For 3, 2, 1, Breakin’ Out, the term “nadeshiko” refers to the concept of the perfect woman or as Kappa noted: “the nadeshiko woman is demure, beautiful, cultured and hardworking”

As with the previous TV Tokyo broadcast, we thank everyone that attended AX ’09 and I (SC) personally thank all those that made it a worthwhile experience for me, and I’m sure you all know who you are ^_^
Big thanks go out to Carlos and Aaron!

For those that have seen the back-cover to this DVD, notice the typo’s?
– 3 2 1 Breakin’ out is misspelled, ‘Brekin’, and they did that Twice
– Other would be “Hollywood in Morning Musume” ^_^

02:14 => JunJun moment ^^ {Pay attention there Maximillian}
36:40 => Get that finger out of the shot!
42:27 => Kamei… Oh how you know the future, looks at her sweet PB + too sweet, Eri DVD
56:59 => Sayu wants her Massage Parlor now
1:07:30 => Kamei, Kamei, Kamei…How you torture us with your English… So if we screwed it up.. wooops… >< 1:16:08 => Takahashi is SHOCKED!
1:25:34 => Poor Tanaka! Her mic isn’t on
1:34:33 => Another one for Takahashi fans, LISTEN!
(Screenshot is wtf, as there is one that shows distortion, but it isn’t in the video… Arge at MPC-HC’s Screencapping, it blows as sometimes it produces duplicate frames too >< )

And to conclude this release, for those that missed out on the TV Tokyo broadcast of this event, you can find it here:

Got to wish a Happy Birthday to Suzuki Airi, Yoshizawa Hitomi and H!F ^_^

Translators: Amakza, Amon, Kappa, Ready2
Song Translations: Amakza, Kappa, Mognet, Projecthello
Timer: SacredCultivator
Editor: SacredCultivator
Typesetter: SacredCultivator
Encoder: SacredCultivator

Psst… H!F is and will always be looking for Interested Translators and/or Karaoke Typesetters, so if you’re able to help, please PM me. Thanks.

Download it in either XviD or H264.

3rd Anniv. Video Part 1:

3rd Anniv. Video Part 2:

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  1. Thanks! I love you guys! H!F forever!

  2. That’s great news and a great release.
    Thanks for this and I hope H!F will never die.

  3. All of you did a great job producing all these quality videos. Thanks to H!F, you guys inspired me to learn Japanese!
    Big THANK YOU to H!F.

  4. Yes you guys rock. You inspired me to sub my own videos even though I suck at it. I hope you guys are around for very long, because I am so attached :).

  5. Guys you’re simply AWESOME!!! I have no words to describe how happy I am that you guys decided to keep the fansub *_* Thank you so much!

    Hello!Fansubs 4ever!!! <3

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