Thought it was Really an April Fool’s Joke?

April 2, 2010

Dear Fans,

I apologize for the coincidence of the post made yesterday, as it seems people are thinking it’s an April Fools joke.

I assure you it isn’t, and to prove myself, please direct your attention to Tomo-chan’s post.
^Notice the post date. (Yes there is a feeling of a monopoly in her post, but set that aside, as the key factor here is, lack of motivation does ruin things =/)
Tomo-chan will have a follow-up post on this matter and when she does, I’ll update this post with a link.

Also for those that follow me via Facebook will already know it was coming, I’ve deleted the Notes that I wrote in regards to the issue, but those that have paid attention already got the feeling.

Anyway, the only other information I can give is… If there are willing fans out there that think they can help in the Translation or Karaoke Typesetting positions, do contact me, as that is the only possible way of reviving H!F.

As of now, we have 1 Final project, and hope to have it completed soon and get it over with.

After that, H!F will be over with, unless as I previously mentioned, there are fans out there willing to help out to revive H!F. Since we know just how much I love it to let it go.

Thanks and I hope things are cleared up now.

-H!F Staff

Contact Info:
AIM/Yahoo: SacredCultivator

16 Responses to “Thought it was Really an April Fool’s Joke?”

  1. That really is a shame ;_;

  2. no.

    This can’t be happening!!! Hello! Fansubs is my favorite sub group!!!! Only sub group that actually does a incredible job on every release!!!
    If you need Karaoke Typesetters I can learn!!
    dammit please don’t let this be the end!!!

  3. I had read Tomo-chan’s blog post a few of days ago actaully(I’m following her blog ya know), but because she sounded a bit.. “unsure” in her post, I sorta disregarded it… XD
    It did bother me though, but I was pretty sure you guys wouldn’t end H!F that easily over a lack of typesetters & translators.. I thought you would get more since H!F is pretty well known in the H!P fans community… XDD πŸ™

    But… I really had thought this was an April Fools joke..
    Blah.. I really wish it was.. πŸ™

    I only know of one person who can typesett pretty good.. And that’s TheColorOfTears(Luna)!! XDD You already have the ONE translator I know(C’est la Vie)!! xDD

    There are quite a bit of H!P fans on Youtube who actually sub their own video’s(although with no effects!! XD)!!

  4. Well, we could only hope for the best.

    Even with H!F being as ‘known’ as it is, hard to find staff.

    oh well, it was a good ride, but on the bright side, we still have one more big project to complete and release.

  5. ^
    I do know a FEW more translators & typesetters but.. I’m afraid that they’re busy right now with other subgroups & school.. But here’s some:

    Yuki –
    She works with SS!! I think her translations are good!

    frozenscourge1 – He’s a Youtube friend of mine.. I think he could help out!! : )
    hellosayuniifansubs – LOL. His subs are good!! XD
    icic – He’s actually a typesetter for SS, but I don’t think he’d mind working with you guys as well! : )

    I hope that helped some!
    (Please continue!! Don’t disband!!)

  6. Lol I see I have already been suggested. (Thanks for advertising me, ForeverLove!~ XD I am honored. *bows*) Very well, then. I will go make an account and comment in the recruit thread~

    I didn’t think it was an April Fool’s joke. I mean, it would have made sense if it was, but after going to the forums and seeing the lack of life there it confirmed my thoughts that the disbandment post was true. It is very unfortunate that it’s happening and with H!F being this much appreciated it is disappointing that lack of support is what has caused this disbandment. I will happily help in the translating department if I am needed. πŸ™‚

  7. man… this is sad, you guys are my favorite fansub group ^^
    I wish I could help but I don’t know any japanese and I’ve tried to learn to do karaoke with effects but school absorbs all my time lately T_T
    Well, I really hope things work out. My best wishes for all of you guys <3

  8. …That was me just now… ;P

  9. Eh, no way ! That can’t be possible. Don’t let the H!F falling apart, please ! I wish I could help but I understand only a few words.
    Anyways, I hope that it will be okay and H!F will continue to live.

  10. No please don’t do that!! I really love your work, although I’m a French people! Seriously you’ve done perfect work on each release. Why it’s always the best teams who die? I’m very sad, not again…
    Anyway thank you very much for all your fansubs and I hope you will survive!
    (Sorry for the mistakes)

  11. So sad! I really wish that I knew japanese, or knew how to typeset :'( I hope that you recruit and find people! Best of Luck <3~

  12. Have you guys ever thought about merging with another sub group it seems like everyone is recruiting all the freaking time lol -.-. This is like one of my fave sub groups would hate to see you go.

  13. Just wanted to say thank you to you bros for all the releases you’ve done in the past. No one else did the karaoke * making of releases like you guys.

    But as for other groups releasing the same videos. I can fully understand the frustration here. Especially for a more niche group of translations communication should be essential for the translation community. It shouldn’t be silent and heated rivalries.

    Say what you want about the nature of your releases, you still were able to keep a consistent schedule and were always so polite and open with your viewers.

    I pledge eternal bro-dom to you folks and support any future translation decisions you do decide to make.

    “This is it”

  14. I’ve just started to learn how to sub, I don’t know how to do effects or translate, but if you want me to do timing for karaoke, I could. I place my limited talents at your disposal!

    I do want to say thank you for all the work you have done. Your subbing is such a large help to all those fans who do not know Japanese. It takes a very great effort to produce all the top quality subs that you guys have created. So, I want to thank you for being kind enough to take your talents and share them with us.

  15. It’s sad that I can’t do any of those things, I’ve always liked your work and I don’t like seeing fansubs ending like this. I don’t like seeing fangroups of any kind just fading away.
    I hope you find what you need to continue.
    Anyway, thanks for all those good works, it’s been amazingly good to have so many videos translated by you, and all those daily releases you made. That’s inspiring as a Hello! Project fan.
    Thank you.

  16. I’m feel so sad of those things, I like your job guys.
    I hope this group sub will continue. thank you for your job for all of Hello! Project fan.
    Thank you.

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